Happy New Year!!

Last night we had a wild, crazy night that consisted of a yummy dinner, watching a NYE show, and family cuddles.  We watched a few funny videos on YouTube that had Max laughing up a storm!  It was too funny!  Max kept himself awake by playing Angry Birds.  When midnight struck we had a family hug welcoming in the new year.  Then Max banged on a pot with a wooden spoon to make noise that was competing with the fireworks outside.  Once we settled back on the couch to watch the NYE show, Max slowly closed his eyes.  Ian would ask him if he was ready for bed, and he'd shake his head no.  He wanted to stay up, but his little eyes wouldn't let him.  Once he was sound asleep and in bed, Ian and I played a mean game of Sorry.  Can you believe he told me we could play if I wanted to start the new year a loser?  Well, you better believe I played with no mercy and kicked his butt!  I was the winner and he was....the nonwinner. 

I hope you had a fun and safe New Year's Eve!


  1. That sounds like a terrific way to bring in the New Year and our night was very similar, although our youngest simply couldn't keep her eyes open until midnight. Maybe next year will be the first in which the whole family raises a toast together as the clock strikes 12.

    1. :). We were surprised that Max stayed awake for as long as he did! He was a mess the next day though, so I'm not sure if that will happen again.