Letter Love

Max and K are back to learning their letters of the alphabet.  We had made our craft focus holiday activities.  We have Valentine's Day coming up, but we won't start those crafts until February.  So until then we'll finish up the alphabet!  I owe all the crafty ideas to Pinterest...of course. :)

For the letter H, I let them color the H and then glue hearts all over. 

The letter I was fun because after we made it, they ate some! For this letter they decorated the "ice cream scoop" that went on top of their I cone, but they weren't too into the coloring.   A few scribbles and they were done. 

Letter J was suppose to have jellybeans glued on it, but my plan is to frame all the letters once we're done for Max's room, and jellybeans wouldn't work.  They actually started to trace the letter J, and it was awesome to see.  Usually they just scribble, but they were trying to make the letter.  

For the King, they decorated the K, glued on the eyes and crown.  They had no desire to decorate the crown.  They weren't in crafty moods, and would much rather play. 

The letter L has by far been our favorite.  They really enjoyed making ladybugs.  Don't pay attention to the dots.  I suck at cutting out circles. ;)  The kiddos however, thought they were amazing.

For each letter we go over what it is, say it, talk about other words that start with that letter, and then make our craft.    I also have Letter Factory by Leap Frog that the kiddos watch, and they LOVE it!  They repeat the sounds and yell it loud.  They may not recognize all the letters yet, but they are darn good crafty kiddos.   Sorry if this is super boring to some of you...the teacher in me comes out and I feel like I have to explain as if I'm writing a lesson plan. :)

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