Little NHLer

Ian bought Max his first pair of ice skates, and I think we were all excited about this purchase.  Yesterday I dressed Max in his Yotes jersey, grabbed his hockey stick, and off we went to go skate with Daddy!  Max had been talking about skating all day, so he was really excited about it.

We had the whole arena to ourselves.  It was pretty freakin awesome.  Max had a smile on his face that could make any person's heart melt.  He was ridiculously happy.  I saw the same smile on Ian's face.  My two boys took to the ice, and I turned into the paparazzi that I am.  Max hit the puck with his hockey stick, scored a goal, and practiced "walking" on the ice...all this on NHL ice.  He skated and had an amazing time where Shane Doan skates.   Watching him have so much fun gave me a glimpse of what life will be like with him playing hockey, which he'll definitely do.  He's an NHLer in the making!!  A pretty cute one if I do say so myself.

I'm ready to go skate!!

Don't I look like one of the Coyotes sitting on the bench?

I could totally watch a game from here. 

Moooommmmmmm...other players don't take pictures with their Mommy.

Press conference after his skate.

Thanks Daddy for helping me skate, hit the 
puck, and sitting by you on NHL ice.


  1. that is soo precious. I love all of those pictures.

    1. Thanks :) It was so much fun!! I can't wait until the season FINALLY starts!!