Max Facts

I only talk about Max every post, but it's been awhile since I've done Max Facts.  So let's begin shall we?

Max Facts
-He likes the way his Daddy makes him scrambled eggs better than mine.  He won't eat mine at all.  Sad.
-When he wants my attention he'll call me Dover or Jen.  Dover is cute and I sometimes ignore him just to hear him call me that.  Jen...not so cute.  I have to give him the mom glare and tell him to call me Mommy, not Jen.  He'll then call me Jen just to spite me.
-He could drink chocolate milk all day if we let him.  Obviously I don't let him, but he would if he could.
-When he farts he says, "Eww stinky Max!" and when he burps or fake burps he says, "Ewww!".
-He tries to make us sit under a tent with him all the time.  Ian falls for his sweet voice every time Max says, "Tent Daddy."  I don't fall for the cuteness.  Being under a blanket where the kid could fart just doesn't strike me as fun.
-He's obsessed with cereal bars.  When you ask him what he wants to eat or when he says, "I hungry Mommy.  I hungry." he'll ask for a cereal bar.
-When he wants something he can fake cry like nobody's business.  At first I would be concerned and ask what he wanted.  Now, I don't fall for it. 
-He likes to use my growing bump like his personal pillow that he can elbow into a nice, bump to lay on.  I have to remind him his sister is in my belly and he can't do that.  I might yell from pain sometimes, but he seems to not understand.  He'd great at pretending to not understand.
-When you ask him to do something and his response is, "Huh?" he's pretending to not understand.
-He's latest thing while reading is putting all his books in his circus tent and sitting in there to read.
-He tries to put a football helmet that belongs to his Steelers bear on his head.  He's been doing this for months, even though it doesn't fit his head.
-He's getting his first pair of ice skates in the mail any day now.  He's going to start skating with his Daddy on a regular basis. (I'm also going to try to teach him the Coyotes players by name.  How cute would that be?  A 2 year old calling Doan by name.  I'd die.)
-He loves all sports.  Hockey, football, baseball, golf...and maybe because I'm his mom I'm biased, but the kid is good at sports too.
-He is the most sweetest, loving, adorable kid, and his voice melts my heart.

Just to show some Max cuteness.

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