Oh Max

This happened when Max took off his shirt, which was on correctly.  K told me he was naked, and I expected him to be naked, but just his shirt was missing.  He came in running, yelling, "I did it!" High five kid for taking off your shirt, but I told him he had to put it back on.  Oh and he did....he got a real high five for putting his shirt on by himself, even though it was inside out. 

Then later on in the day when I'm doing laundry I hear Max starting to cry and panicking.   I come out to see him like this, and I burst out laughing.  He was not laughing, but I had to take a picture.  I have my priorities.  Pictures first, then I help him get untangled from his shirt.  I told him this is something Britney Spears would have worn, but he didn't care.  Oh well....he's going to be mad at me one day when he sees this picture.  Bwahahaha!!  

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