Our Weekend + Monday

Max felt his sister kick for the first time.  The look of 
surprise on his face was priceless.  He got close to my
belly and talked to her, and then she let out a hard kick.
I'm pretty sure he fell in love right that moment.  He kept
coming back to my belly to feel her kick.  Love.

22w3d belly, and yes I'm so that girl who takes "selfies" in the bathroom mirror.
There's no questions about it...I promise after this baby comes I will stop. 
I had a purpose for this pic though, 1) to show off the bump. obviously. 2) to 
ask my friends on Instagram if I should cut my hair.  I have the itch to cut it.  The
 consensus, it grows back.  Very true statement.  So we'll see if I chop it off, or 
just leave it long....I don't know.

Oh I snuggled up to this boy and took a long nap.  His
two favorite cars joined us.  I love napping with Max.

We also went to a hockey game.  They lost to the Kings.  BOO!  Howler came right up to Max to say hi, but I think the utter look of fear on his face let Howler know just to wave and keep walking.  

It rained all weekend and I loved it!  It was snuggle on the couch, drink hot chocolate (or really coffee), watch movies or read, and take in the lovely weather.  Max loved the rain too.  He wanted to go out and play in it, with no shirt on.  He's a dare devil, who most likely would have gotten sick, so I told him no.  The word no is like a badword to him.   You never know if you're going to get the sweet, "Okayyyy." from him or a full blown tantrum.    

We also got to have dinner with my cousin, Lawrence, who is in town recording some music.  Cool huh?  He has an album out too.  Check it out HERE.  

Our Monday....

Monday we made a Valentine's Day art.  Look at that 
smile on his face.  He was pretty happy with his hearts.

Somebody loves his Jake bandana from his Halloween costume. 
K even got in on the bandana wearing, but it didn't quite match
with her bow.

Max and K went on a morning walk.  It was a bit
chilly, but there were puddles.  Puddles makes any
chilly day better. 
50,000 names...there has to be ONE we
can agree on...I hope. 

I hope you had a fabulous weekend and even better Monday!!


  1. Jen, you look absolutely RADIANT! Can't wait to meet that beautiful daughter of yours. Love you guys!

    1. Thank you :). Hope you three are doing great! Kiss Kaylee for us! Love and miss you guys!