Race, Yotes and Max

My family came to visit this weekend.  It's always so wonderful having them here.  Max of course loved every second of the attention he got from each and every one of them.   He loved sitting on his Gramma or Grampa's lap and playing with the iPad or tablet.  He literally could have sat there for hours playing which ever games they had.  He also loved playing with his Auntie and Uncle.  He would of course want to play hockey.

Saturday Ian had to pick up his 1/2 marathon stuff so Antonio and I accompanied him to the Health Expo.  Let's just say being surrounded by hundreds of fit people in workout clothes wasn't the best idea for a pregnant lady.  1.) My belly felt ginormous and probably looked ginormous next to the skinny gals (boo them), and 2.) My outfit stood out like my ginormous belly.  Next health expo I will remember to wear workout clothes, and try to be super fit.   I can at least do the first one.

Sunday Antonio and I got up bright and early to go cheer Ian on at his 1/2 marathon.  There were thousands and thousands of people.  It was pretty amazing to see people of all ages running the race.  To feel the energy...it was awesome.   When Ian crossed the finish line I was so proud of him.  I felt a lump in my throat and the tears about to fall.  He had run 13.1 miles. 13.1.  We yelled and cheered for him, and rang the obnoxious cow bells they were handing out.  When we met up with him, I gave him a hug not caring that he was a sweaty mess.   I'm so proud of him.  

Last night the Yotes had their home opener, which I had been so excited about and couldn't wait to see them on the ice.  In one game we saw the pacific division champions banner being raised, they introduced the team, we saw a fight, a sick goal from our captain Shane Doan, a person in the stands fainted, and a sold out house.   Sadly we lost, but I believe that our boys will bounce back.   Little Miss enjoyed the game and was moving nonstop.  Maybe a future Coyotes fan....

Ian getting his bib for the race!!
13.1 miles DONE!

Go Coyotes!!! 


I don't know how I feel about this helmet.

Smiling at his Auntie, and striking a pose.


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