It's Only Tuesday

Some random happenings in the past couple days....

1.) I tripped over the computer cord and fell.  It was pretty awesome, but not really.  I scared Max and K, and they both kept asking if I was okay.  Such sweet kiddos.  Honestly, I was kinda shaken up by it.  Little Miss was bouncing around the rest of the day, kicking me on the inside, telling me to be more careful. 

2.)  At some point yesterday Max and K took my wallet off the table by the couch and decided to play with it.  I realized it was gone around 11:30 last night.  Ian and I looked everywhere.   By everywhere, that includes the trash I had taken out earlier that day.  No wallet, but I did find one of Max's cups.  Ian thought I was losing my mind, but I knew those kiddos took it and put it somewhere.  After we looked everywhere, I went to check the wagon again..  There's a seat that opens up.  There in the cup holder is my lovely wallet.  The one place I wasn't paying attention to....I won't keep my wallet where their grabby hands can reach it now.

3.)  Tonight I decided to put Max in big boy underwear.  He looks so adorable in them.  We talked about how he doesn't want to get Jake wet and he needs to tell Mommy when he has to go potty.  He replied, "Okay Mommy!"  He totally understood me.   The cuteness faded quickly went he went poop in his underwear.  He did finish in the potty, so he did get a sticker for that.  He usually gets 2, but since he went in his big boy underwear, he only gets half.  Mean?  I think not.

4.) This should have been number 3 if I'm going in order, but I only remembered about it right now.  I took Max and K to story time.  There were about 15 kiddos, and that was about 5 too many.  I know kids are kids and they just want to have fun, but it's story time.  You're suppose to sit and listen to the story. (The lady reads good stories, and I'm missing out when those kids are being loud.) One little girl, who was super cute and dressed very stylish,  was a big ole' bully.  She attempted to beat up the girls around her, and got her hands on one of them and gave her a good slap.  Where was mom you ask?  Sipping her Starbucks coffee, which I'm sure was very yummy, not paying attention to her bully of a daughter.   Max and K were so awesome, they got stickers from the story teller.  The story teller lady had to have been a teacher or librarian and is retired now.  She's like a grandma.   Pure awesomeness.  

It's only Tuesday. 

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