Team Lego

Ian had a 5 day weekend, and it was lovely!!  Max would follow him around like a shadow, saying "Daddy?! What you doing?"  Ian would be respond.  Max would then say, "Daddy!!  Yook! Yook!" (Max really says yook instead of look.) and proudly show his Daddy whatever it is he was playing with.  Max loves to repeat himself like 10 times, and I know he's not doing it on purpose.  He's just super excited about what ever he's doing and he's only 2 years old.   We'll just say he loved having his Daddy home and wanted to spend every second by him asking him questions.

Yesterday we took him to the park.  Five seconds before we got there he was a cranky mess, but the minute he saw the slides you better believe he perked right up!  The park was super nice.  Big.  It had two play areas.  One for 2-5 year old and the other was 5 and older.  Max slid down every slide over and over again, said "Weee, weee, weee" as he was swinging, walked across these pink things, went down the big kid slide, and ran the bases at the baseball field across the street.  He had some major 2 year old fun.  

I love Max's face as he goes down the slide.  You would think he was going super fast, but he wasn't.    Ian showing Max how to run the bases was priceless.  Ian would explain where Max was suppose to run to, and Max would take off.  When it came to running to home base (plate? I'm not a baseball fan) , Ian told him to run to me.  Max starting running all crazy, and not to me.  I couldn't stop laughing.   He eventually made it to home and we did a little dance.  
Max took walking on the pink things seriously, as did his Daddy.  If Max fell off, he had to start from the beginning.  Daddy's doing, not Max's idea.  Every step Max took he said, "Biiig step, biiig step..."  He saw an older boy jumping from pink thing to pink thing and was in complete awe.  I told him when he was 6 years old he could totally do that too, and he was fine with that answer. 

Today Ian is back at work and all morning Max has asked, "Where's Daddy at?"  I've told him he's at work, but he doesn't like my response.  Maybe he thinks it's going to change.  He also told me that he wanted to go to the store, but I couldn't figure out what the heck he was saying and he got super mad at me.  Once I figured it out, I realized I must go to the store way too much.  

Last night because of all the football we've been watching, he was throwing his legos across the room like he was a quarterback for Team Lego.   It was super cute until he was standing right next to me on the couch and threw his toy, with all his toddler might, directly at my face.  The kid throws hard.  It hurt like a mother effer.  We're not watching football today. 

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