TBT Max Edition

For your viewing pleasure.  Some Max cuteness.

Throw Back Thursday: Max back in January of 2011.  
He had just rolled from his back to his tummy. Look
at that face.  I love this kid so much.  

Max wanted to model his outfit of the day.  His cool
new very yellow shirt with a "big truck" on it as Max says.

He seriously kills me with his cuteness.

So the past week or so Max has had some major attitude.  He'll be talking to me and Ian will answer him and Max will say, "No! I not talk to you! I talk to Mommy!"  It caught us off guard because our sweet kid turned to Mr. Sassypants in like 2.5 seconds.  We scolded him to let him know that tone of voice is not okay, and he can't talk to us like that.  Really though on the inside I was dying of laughter.  He even has this head snap he does while he's using his not so nice tone.   So funny.

I mentioned before he's afraid of monsters.  Last night was a rough night, because he kept waking up because of these darn monsters.  It was so sad.  I think I'm going to have to whip him up some Monster Spray.  

Tonight we have hockey and Max is of course beyond excited.  We take Ian to work on game days so we only have one car after the game.  Max is figuring out we take him to work when there's hockey.  He told me on our way home, "Mama, Daddy at work with Dave Tippett."  I think Max thinks his Daddy is a Coyote.   We'll just let him think that...

Last day is February!!  So crazy, but I will gladly welcome March.  One month closer to meeting our baby girl! 

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We have finished doing a craft for each of the letters!!  I don't know if Max and K were more excited than I was to be done!  They went from scribbling on each letter to actually tracing the letter.  They are pros at putting dots, stripes, and eyes down where ever the glue may be.   I'm going to frame these beauties and either put them in Max's play area or in his room.  We are keeping them forever.

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27 Weeks!!

How Much Longer: 13 Weeks!! (10 weeks until I'm considered full term!)
Baby Size: Rutabaga (Ummm...I've never had a rutabaga so yes I did google to see exactly what it was...don't think I'll ever have one.)
Maternity Clothes: Still mixing. (Still doing a happy dance.  Maybe I'll take video of this happy dance so you can see just how happy I am.)
Stretch marks: Still none. (You know how they blow the air into your eye to check you pressure when you go to the eye doc?  You know it's coming, and dread that quick puff...that's how it is with these stretch marks.  I know they are coming....)
Weight gain:  15 lbs (So my app informed me that if my weight is on track, I should be at a weight gain of 11 lbs.  Well shoot.  Apparently you can't eat all the chocolate you want.)

Sleep: Not the greatest, but not the worst. (Stilling getting up to pee, which really doesn't make sense.  I don't drink water throughout the night, yet you would think I'm downing glass after glass.) 

Best Moment of the Week: Taking Max to a spring training game, and feeling Little Miss stretching. (Well the stretching is kind of weird because I can see my belly stretch out. She's getting cramped in there...) 

Movement: She's letting me know that my belly is hers and kicks and punches to remind me.  
Food Cravings: Mmmm...nope.  (Dare I say this chocolate obsession/addiction has gone away.)
Gender: GIRL!  
Belly Button in or out: In (This is also like the puff of air in your eye....I'm just waiting for it to pop out. Bleh.)
Anything making you queasy or sick: Yes. :( (I think morning sickness might be making an uninvited comeback.)
Labor Signs: BH (I don't remember having too many BH with Max, and this time around they aren't that pleasant. They hurt.)
Wedding ring on or off: On. 
What I miss: Sleeping on my stomach.  
What I am looking forward to: The month of March...no really I'm kind of overwhelmed, and it's not even here yet! 
Nursery: We can't really do anything until after March.  We have visitors coming 3 weekends in a row.  Once April comes around we'll get things going. (Hopefully)
Emotions: Happy, laughing a lot.  Though I do have to say I had some scary dreams about going into labor.  You'd think I've never done this before.  I'm. Scared. 

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Three Word Tuesday

Linking up with Amanda again for Three Word Tuesday.  I hope I'm not cheating because yes this is one picture, but there are 7 pictures in the one....sorry in advance if I'm breaking the rules.  I'm obviously being a blogger/link-up rebel.  

Future NHL goalie.

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Picture of Refried Beans Traditional by Rosarita 30 OZ - Item No. 1422

Ian told me this weekend I could pick the first name of our baby girl if he could pick the middle name.  Sounds reasonable, until he said it could be any name he wanted.   I'm thinking he's going to say Mia.  Ava Mia...doesn't flow.  He tells me Rosarita, after our favorite brand of refried beans.   Ava Rosarita....can you imagine?  When she's old enough and asks about the meaning behind her name.  "Oh honey, Daddy wanted to name you after refried beans."  We would scar our child for life, and there's no possible way to even tell this story with a straight face.  I was laughing so hard.  Ian is one funny guy, and I'm hoping he wasn't being serious.... but in all seriousness I think once we pick a name, we're keeping it a secret/surprise until she arrives.  Well I should say I'm going to try, Ian will have no problem keeping this surprise.  So I guess you all have 13 weeks, 2 days until you'll know her name, and I'm hoping we'll actually have a name when she arrives. 

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Spring Training

Friday night we hung out with our friends from Canada.  We not only enjoyed their good company, but we munched on Ketchup chips and I had a virgin Caesar.  So ridiculously good.  Max had a blast showing off his hockey skills and downing a bowl of ketchup chips and cheetos.   The boy loves his chips. 

Saturday Max wanted some cuddles from Mama and he ended up falling asleep.  So sweet.  I love that he still wants to cuddle with me, because I know one day he'll be too cool for cuddles. 

We went on an ice cream date.  He liked my ice cream much better than his...lucky for him I decided to share. 

Today we went to the White Sox and Dodgers spring training game.  Our seats were right behind home plate.  Row 1 people.  It was awesome.  Max was talking up a storm with his Daddy about the pitcher, the catcher, and the baseball.  
Max had so much fun at the game.  You all know I'm not a baseball fan, but I love going to spring training games.  Plus Max and I shared some lemon lime berry Italian ice, and it was amazing.  I love seeing Max and Ian having father/son moments.  Watching baseball together was definitely one of them, and it just makes me love these two even more.  Little Miss was kicking up a storm, so either she's a baseball fan or an Italian ice fan.  

I hope you are enjoying your weekend.  Can you believe this week is the last week in February? 

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Waiting and Pictures

(My lovely bag that I love so much is from The Polka Dot Posie.  Go check them out!)

Yesterday I waited over two hours to see my eye doctor, Dr. B.  Two hours.  Though I shouldn't complain too much, because there was a precious 3 week old baby girl who was also there to see Dr. B.  She was so tiny.  The bump and I patiently waited only to hear the dreaded news.  My good eye has iritis...boo.  Dr. B thinks it's because I was sick and that could have caused the flare up.  I also fell off the vegetarian wagon, so back on it I go.  I have to go back in 6 weeks.  Oh. Joy. 

While I was waiting, waiting, and waiting...Max was having a blast with K and her mommy.  I was so jealous.  They made homemade play-dough.  How fun is that?!

They also went to the park to burn off some energy.  When I picked them up they were fishing for letters!  Leslie made them little magnetic fishing poles, filled the tub with water and put a blue color tablet in, and threw in some letters.  So. Stinking. Cute.   I wished I was there to play all day with them.  

Yesterdays #tbt picture.  Ian and I bowling from almost 7 years ago.  We look so young!  I love that boy. 

Today Max and I had to run some errands, so we stopped to get a special treat. I love this boy too. 

Happy Birthday to my cousin Patrick.  We miss you every day.

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Activity Table

Max has gotten two "new" toys this week.  One was the easel that we had gotten him for his birthday that was in August.  The other is an activity table from his Pap-pap and Mum-mum that he got for Christmas.  He was super excited about both.

I put the activity table together today, and I wasn't expecting to see screws let alone 10 of them.  It took me 45 long minutes, with Max saying "Go Mama Go!".  So cute right?  Then as I was screwing in the 2nd of 10 screws Max started asking, "All done Mama?"  I'd say no, and then he'd ask, "Almost Mama? Almost done?"  Uh....I still had 8 screws to go....Finally when I was done he was majorly impressed with my skills and his new activity table!  He wanted to draw ASAP, so I let him, and then we stocked his table with the art supplies that we already had.  Of course Max wanted to play with each item that we put on his table, but he kept to drawing and playing with play-doh.  After each scribble he'd proudly say, "Tada!"  He drew some masterpieces I tell ya.

Looks like a professional put it together. 

Drawing his first masterpiece at his table. 

Seriously, isn't he so flippin cute?  He was so excited with his table. 

His masterpiece.  We call it: Colorful Scribbles.

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26 Weeks Down!

How Much Longer: 14 weeks to go!
Baby Size: Lettuce (Again not a bag, a head of lettuce.  I thought that the Little Miss was a head of lettuce two weeks ago, but I was way ahead of myself.)
Maternity Clothes: Mixing and matching. (Again, happy dance!)
Stretch marks: Not yet, but I know they are going to surprise me with an appearance in a few weeks.( Not a good surprise I might add.)
Weight gain: 15.5 lbs (Can I just throw out there that those girls who don't even look preggers, but really they are like 35 weeks pregnant bring out the green eyed monster in me.  It's.Just.Not.Right.)
Sleep: Since I was sick, sleep hasn't been bad. 
Best Moment of the Week:  Movie night with my two favorite toddlers.  K's family had watched Max while we went on a Vday date, and we watched K while her parents spent some quality time together.  We had so much fun.  I love those two.
Movement:  All. The. Time. (I love it. :))
Food Cravings:   So I've kind of been wanting caramel.  I'm not really a caramel kind of girl. Sure, I like my caramel frap light from Starbucks, but other then that...I don't eat caramel. I want caramel.
Gender: Girl! ( We picked a name! Just kidding!  I just wanted to get you excited and then take that excitement away from you.  I think we have the middle name, and of course the last name.  For the love of God, please let us agree upon the first name!) 
Belly Button in or out: In. In.  (I feel like if I keep saying this, my belly button will listen to me and stay in.)
Anything making you queasy or sick:  No.
Labor Signs: None.
Wedding ring on or off: On.
What I miss: I miss teaching.  I'm not saying I want to teach again, at least not in the near future.  I love being a SAHM. I was cleaning out a dresser in our guest room and I found pictures from quite a few years ago with me and students.  It just made me miss being someones teacher, and watching someone come into my class as a young 3rd grader, to leaving as a soon to be 4th grader.
What I am looking forward to:  Going to LC in March.  Plane tickets have been purchased and Max is excited to be flying in an airplane..
Nursery: I need to get my craftiness on and make things for the nursery and Max's big boy room.
Emotions:  I've never laughed so much.  Life is good, and even better now that the sickness has gone away! Plus it's raining today, and Max and I love the rain!
Next Doctors Appointment: March 5th! (I have an eye appt tomorrow. Boo.)

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Three Word Tuesday

I'm linking up with Amanda over at My Show.  All the cool kids are, so I thought I'd join in on the fun.  All you have to do is post a picture from your week and caption it with three words.   Easy peasy as a 3rd grader would say.

I love sugar.

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Buzz Lightyear and Max Facts

Max and Buzz have been inseparable.  So naturally he came along with us to the hockey game on Saturday night.  We sat in a suite, and let's just say Buzz had a mighty fine time.  
Buzz tried flying from the suite, was force fed french fries, took a picture with Max to rub into Antonio's face that Buzz was at the hockey game, and he had his own comfy seat.  He also was trapped in the seat, watched the game while doing the splits, and hid behind a cup of water.  Crazy Buzz. (or I'm crazy for having fun taking these pictures.  You decide.)

After the Yotes won, we met K's family at Chili's for a wild evening.  The toddlers had a party eating chips, coloring, and having conversations from across the table.  Ridiculously cute.  I drank a million glasses of blackberry tea.  Seriously, so good.  I've been thinking though...since Ian has me as a designated driver for 9 months, it's only right that he should be DD for 9 months after the baby is born.  Right?  

We got this fun toy for Max for his 2nd birthday.  Umm...we just opened it up on Friday (his bday was in August), and he loves it!  The sweet note is from his Daddy.   Make me smile. 

Max Facts
-He wore big boy underwear yesterday for about 10 minutes.   We talked about how he wants to keep Captain Hook dry.  I set a timer for 10 minutes, and then had him sit on his potty.   We high fived because Hook stayed dry.   Then he's playing with his legos and says, "Oh NO!!! Captain Hook wet!" as he peed all over the floor.  

-He hisses.  It's kinda weird, and I have no idea where he got it from.  He's having a fun time-hiss.  He's running around-hiss.  He's being silly-hiss.  

-He tries to reason with me.  It goes like this:
Me: Max you need to pick up your toys. (legos and other toys all over the floor.)
Max: Uhhh Mama...I wanna play hockey. (as he sits by his net with his hockey stick and helmet.)
Me: I know you want to play hockey, but you need to pick up your toys.
Max: Uhhh...I play hockey. (as he hits his toys on the floor into the net.)

-He's afraid of monsters.  I'd like to thank Mike the Knight for this one.   We no longer watch this cartoon.  That Mike likes to get into too much trouble.  Max doesn't need any ideas. 

Until next time....

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Movie Night

Max was super excited to get a Buzz and Woody vday card and Buzz toy from Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Antonio, and Aunt Alicia. 

Max and K made pizza and brownies before we had our own movie night.

All snuggly and ready to watch Aladdin.  They are seriously my two favorite toddlers.

Sharing pillows and getting into the movie.

They both loved Aladdin, and giggled at the funny parts.
The. Cutest. Night. Ever.


Spread the Love

I took part in a Valentine's Day Swap that Erin and Megan put on for their followers.   They randomly paired bloggers.  In the process I found two new blogs to follow, only adding to my bloggywhoreness.

The person that spoiled me was Megan, who happens to love hockey as much as I do!  I love when girls talk hockey, because sometimes I think we can do so better than the boys. :)  She gave me a box full of goodies.  Things that she loved (that she knew I would love), and then something she new that I would LOVE: CHOCOLATE!   This swap was so fun to participate in, because 1.) I love getting actual mail, and 2.) I love buying gifts for others.  It was a win-win!

I was was able to spoil Katie, who has an adorable daughter named Elena.  I had so much fun buying things for Katie, who happens to be pregnant as well!!  Baby girl #2!  Getting to know Katie through email and her blog has been awesome.  We were destine to be teacher/iced Starbucks drinks/blog friends. 

I loved all the goodies Megan spoiled me with, and 
the chocolate lasted about 2.5 seconds.  

Big thank you to Megan for spoiling me for Valentine's Day!!  Also a big thank you to Erin and Megan for putting on such a fun swap!!  

Be sure to check out all the ladies blogs!  

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