Activity Table

Max has gotten two "new" toys this week.  One was the easel that we had gotten him for his birthday that was in August.  The other is an activity table from his Pap-pap and Mum-mum that he got for Christmas.  He was super excited about both.

I put the activity table together today, and I wasn't expecting to see screws let alone 10 of them.  It took me 45 long minutes, with Max saying "Go Mama Go!".  So cute right?  Then as I was screwing in the 2nd of 10 screws Max started asking, "All done Mama?"  I'd say no, and then he'd ask, "Almost Mama? Almost done?"  Uh....I still had 8 screws to go....Finally when I was done he was majorly impressed with my skills and his new activity table!  He wanted to draw ASAP, so I let him, and then we stocked his table with the art supplies that we already had.  Of course Max wanted to play with each item that we put on his table, but he kept to drawing and playing with play-doh.  After each scribble he'd proudly say, "Tada!"  He drew some masterpieces I tell ya.

Looks like a professional put it together. 

Drawing his first masterpiece at his table. 

Seriously, isn't he so flippin cute?  He was so excited with his table. 

His masterpiece.  We call it: Colorful Scribbles.

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  1. I love that table! Where did you get it? Also, love the name Ava! ;) Miss you guys!

    1. Max got it for Christmas. I'll find out where and let you know! Miss you guys!!!