Buzz Lightyear and Max Facts

Max and Buzz have been inseparable.  So naturally he came along with us to the hockey game on Saturday night.  We sat in a suite, and let's just say Buzz had a mighty fine time.  
Buzz tried flying from the suite, was force fed french fries, took a picture with Max to rub into Antonio's face that Buzz was at the hockey game, and he had his own comfy seat.  He also was trapped in the seat, watched the game while doing the splits, and hid behind a cup of water.  Crazy Buzz. (or I'm crazy for having fun taking these pictures.  You decide.)

After the Yotes won, we met K's family at Chili's for a wild evening.  The toddlers had a party eating chips, coloring, and having conversations from across the table.  Ridiculously cute.  I drank a million glasses of blackberry tea.  Seriously, so good.  I've been thinking though...since Ian has me as a designated driver for 9 months, it's only right that he should be DD for 9 months after the baby is born.  Right?  

We got this fun toy for Max for his 2nd birthday.  Umm...we just opened it up on Friday (his bday was in August), and he loves it!  The sweet note is from his Daddy.   Make me smile. 

Max Facts
-He wore big boy underwear yesterday for about 10 minutes.   We talked about how he wants to keep Captain Hook dry.  I set a timer for 10 minutes, and then had him sit on his potty.   We high fived because Hook stayed dry.   Then he's playing with his legos and says, "Oh NO!!! Captain Hook wet!" as he peed all over the floor.  

-He hisses.  It's kinda weird, and I have no idea where he got it from.  He's having a fun time-hiss.  He's running around-hiss.  He's being silly-hiss.  

-He tries to reason with me.  It goes like this:
Me: Max you need to pick up your toys. (legos and other toys all over the floor.)
Max: Uhhh Mama...I wanna play hockey. (as he sits by his net with his hockey stick and helmet.)
Me: I know you want to play hockey, but you need to pick up your toys.
Max: Uhhh...I play hockey. (as he hits his toys on the floor into the net.)

-He's afraid of monsters.  I'd like to thank Mike the Knight for this one.   We no longer watch this cartoon.  That Mike likes to get into too much trouble.  Max doesn't need any ideas. 

Until next time....

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  1. There are a few shows that I won't let Nicolas watch like Ni-kilan (or however you spell it) because the characters throw tantrums and whatnot..no thanks I got enough of those going on that I don't need to hear more! And also Wonderpets, although Nicolas sings the song all day! For rarely watching it he sure does remember the words! But I don't like that one beause the chick talks like a baby and its super annoying! It doesn't really promote proper prounounciation.

  2. Awww, he's just like "Andy!" Love the note from Daddy!

  3. So sweet! My little one is 6 months younger, so it's fun to hear all that I have to look forward to. Boys and their noises! Where do they get them from? Thanks for linking up with the Tuesday Baby Link Up!