Facts of Max and K

Spending my days with Max and K are the best and entertaining.   I think I laugh more than they do.  Mostly it's at them than with them, but they don't know the difference yet. 

The Facts
  • They love to giggle and they could do so all day. (I have no clue half the time what they are giggling about, but it's so funny to hear them.)
  • They love to read books, take books and place them in the tent, put them in the wagon..pretty much place them not in the bookshelf.  (I tell them to put the books where they go, and they say, "Oooooh!" like they have no idea where the books go, but really they do.)
  • They love to run around like wild animals, chasing each other, running from room to room, and getting a good workout in for the day. (It's entertaining to watch.)
  • They love to sit in the wagon or tent and chat.  Their deep conversations about the book they're  reading, Woody and Buzz, or just asking each other "What are you doing?" is pretty freaking adorable.  (Melt your heart.)
  • They love to look for Nemo.  They look for him every day and run around yelling, "Nemooooo!!!  Nemoooo!!! Where are you?!"  (They still haven't found him. )
  • They love to throw down the gloves during their friendly game of hockey and have fights. (I think it's more of K trying to not play hockey and Max making her play.)
  • They love to shout, "Yo hoho!" and thrust Jake's pirate sword in the air.  (Occasionally this becomes a weapon.  Don't worry, I've taken care of it. )
  • They love to play basketball, and throw the basketball at each other's heads.  (They think it's funny, I find it not so funny.)
  • They love to hold hands on our morning walk.  (This is not my doing, they totally do this on their own and make my heart melt.)
  • They love to say "Hiiiii!!!!" to every person we see on our walk.  (They don't know stranger danger yet.  I silently curse those cold, frozen solid hearts of people that ignore them.  How hard is it to smile at them and say, "Hi."??)
  • They love to throw rocks at one of the plants in our yard.  (I don't know why they like doing this, but they have really good aim. )
  • They love to make tents out of their blankies, which is really them just sitting with their blankie on their head, but hey if I don't have to go under the blankets with them...it's a win-win.
  • They love to steal each other's food when the other isn't looking.  Max will swipe K's fruit snacks, and K will swipe Max's gold fish.  (Grabby hands those two.) 
  • They love to take my phone when I'm not paying attention and start playing music so they can dance.  (Cute-yes? Cute when they drop my phone and look at me with huge eyes-no...well kind of cute.)
  • They love to have their deep conversations when they should be napping.  ( I just let them chat because it's really, really cute.)

They are my two favorite 2 year olds, and they make my days pretty darn awesome.

Seriously, is this not the cutest?

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