Kid Korner

This week we learned the letters Q (queen), R (rabbit), S (snake) and T (train).  
We also worked with the alphabet puzzle and they are getting so good at
 putting the letters where they go. 

I just had to throw this picture in, because Max wanted to wear
his jacket like this on our morning walk.  He's such a cool kid. 

Max and K played Hide n' Seek, which really was them taking turns scaring 
each other.  It was so funny to watch. 

This time around I put glue on the back of the hearts
and let the kiddos put the hearts where ever their
heart desired (on the white paper).  They were both
so happy with their hats, they wore them pretty much all day. 

We made Jello hearts, but it was a big fail.  The hearts
wouldn't come out of the tray.  Max and K had fun eating them
out of the tray. :)

Lastly....looks like Ava got a definite NO from
Ian.  This app is so funny with the top
professions it gives you for the names you pick.


  1. LOL! XXX performer. " I knew a skank with that name".

    1. No one will say that about our daughter...hopefully!! Staying away from Ava. :) Haha!