Picture of Refried Beans Traditional by Rosarita 30 OZ - Item No. 1422

Ian told me this weekend I could pick the first name of our baby girl if he could pick the middle name.  Sounds reasonable, until he said it could be any name he wanted.   I'm thinking he's going to say Mia.  Ava Mia...doesn't flow.  He tells me Rosarita, after our favorite brand of refried beans.   Ava Rosarita....can you imagine?  When she's old enough and asks about the meaning behind her name.  "Oh honey, Daddy wanted to name you after refried beans."  We would scar our child for life, and there's no possible way to even tell this story with a straight face.  I was laughing so hard.  Ian is one funny guy, and I'm hoping he wasn't being serious.... but in all seriousness I think once we pick a name, we're keeping it a secret/surprise until she arrives.  Well I should say I'm going to try, Ian will have no problem keeping this surprise.  So I guess you all have 13 weeks, 2 days until you'll know her name, and I'm hoping we'll actually have a name when she arrives. 

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