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I took part in a Valentine's Day Swap that Erin and Megan put on for their followers.   They randomly paired bloggers.  In the process I found two new blogs to follow, only adding to my bloggywhoreness.

The person that spoiled me was Megan, who happens to love hockey as much as I do!  I love when girls talk hockey, because sometimes I think we can do so better than the boys. :)  She gave me a box full of goodies.  Things that she loved (that she knew I would love), and then something she new that I would LOVE: CHOCOLATE!   This swap was so fun to participate in, because 1.) I love getting actual mail, and 2.) I love buying gifts for others.  It was a win-win!

I was was able to spoil Katie, who has an adorable daughter named Elena.  I had so much fun buying things for Katie, who happens to be pregnant as well!!  Baby girl #2!  Getting to know Katie through email and her blog has been awesome.  We were destine to be teacher/iced Starbucks drinks/blog friends. 

I loved all the goodies Megan spoiled me with, and 
the chocolate lasted about 2.5 seconds.  

Big thank you to Megan for spoiling me for Valentine's Day!!  Also a big thank you to Erin and Megan for putting on such a fun swap!!  

Be sure to check out all the ladies blogs!  

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  1. So fun!!! You really can't go wrong with chocolate/sweets haha... the ones in my package were opened IMMEDIATELY!

    Thanks so much for joining in our swap! :)