Spring Training

Friday night we hung out with our friends from Canada.  We not only enjoyed their good company, but we munched on Ketchup chips and I had a virgin Caesar.  So ridiculously good.  Max had a blast showing off his hockey skills and downing a bowl of ketchup chips and cheetos.   The boy loves his chips. 

Saturday Max wanted some cuddles from Mama and he ended up falling asleep.  So sweet.  I love that he still wants to cuddle with me, because I know one day he'll be too cool for cuddles. 

We went on an ice cream date.  He liked my ice cream much better than his...lucky for him I decided to share. 

Today we went to the White Sox and Dodgers spring training game.  Our seats were right behind home plate.  Row 1 people.  It was awesome.  Max was talking up a storm with his Daddy about the pitcher, the catcher, and the baseball.  
Max had so much fun at the game.  You all know I'm not a baseball fan, but I love going to spring training games.  Plus Max and I shared some lemon lime berry Italian ice, and it was amazing.  I love seeing Max and Ian having father/son moments.  Watching baseball together was definitely one of them, and it just makes me love these two even more.  Little Miss was kicking up a storm, so either she's a baseball fan or an Italian ice fan.  

I hope you are enjoying your weekend.  Can you believe this week is the last week in February? 

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  1. i love the name max! always have, always will. and your little max is a cutie, too.