TBT Max Edition

For your viewing pleasure.  Some Max cuteness.

Throw Back Thursday: Max back in January of 2011.  
He had just rolled from his back to his tummy. Look
at that face.  I love this kid so much.  

Max wanted to model his outfit of the day.  His cool
new very yellow shirt with a "big truck" on it as Max says.

He seriously kills me with his cuteness.

So the past week or so Max has had some major attitude.  He'll be talking to me and Ian will answer him and Max will say, "No! I not talk to you! I talk to Mommy!"  It caught us off guard because our sweet kid turned to Mr. Sassypants in like 2.5 seconds.  We scolded him to let him know that tone of voice is not okay, and he can't talk to us like that.  Really though on the inside I was dying of laughter.  He even has this head snap he does while he's using his not so nice tone.   So funny.

I mentioned before he's afraid of monsters.  Last night was a rough night, because he kept waking up because of these darn monsters.  It was so sad.  I think I'm going to have to whip him up some Monster Spray.  

Tonight we have hockey and Max is of course beyond excited.  We take Ian to work on game days so we only have one car after the game.  Max is figuring out we take him to work when there's hockey.  He told me on our way home, "Mama, Daddy at work with Dave Tippett."  I think Max thinks his Daddy is a Coyote.   We'll just let him think that...

Last day is February!!  So crazy, but I will gladly welcome March.  One month closer to meeting our baby girl! 

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