The Return of Mr. Fussypants

Mr. Fussypants made an appearance yesterday.  He decided that he wanted to torture K and make her life as hard as possible.  Some of his bad choices, or times where he wasn't thinking clearly like my sweet Max:  1.) K wanted to sit down on a chair to finish watching Doc McStuffins while I finished up breakfast.  Mr. Fussypants picked up the chair and threw it away from K so she couldn't sit down. Sweet Max would have pulled the chair over to where he was sitting so K could sit by him like a true gentleman. 2.)  K wanted to play hockey, which sweet Max would have loved, but Mr. Fussypants did not want her playing with his hockey gear.  He oh so nicely pulled it out of her hands and yelled some toddler bad words at her.  3.) K was playing legos and Mr. Fussypants decided to use her as target practice.  He tried throwing the basketball at her head.  Luckily his aim was off and no heads were hurt.  4.) Mr. Fussypants also took a swipe at K's head with his plastic golf club and narrowly missed clobbering her on the head.  It still freaked her out enough to not want to be near him.  Smart girl.  So needless to say, Mr. Fussypants has lived in the corner.  It obviously doesn't bother him because he keeps upping his bad choices trying to out do himself.   I would have given him the calming jar, but with his mood today he'd probably try throwing it at K.  He was bound and determined to make our day a rough one.... I need to up my timeout skills and make it not so fun for him so he doesn't want to go to timeout, or this kid will permanently sit in time out when Mr. Fussypants decides to come and play torture anyone in his way. 

Hmm...I wonder what else I can do to keep sitting in my favorite corner...bwahahaha.

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