Weekend Fun

This weekend was full of new adventures for Max.  Before we could start with all the fun, he seriously needed a haircut.  His hair was once again getting to look too much like Bieber.   Ian took him to get his haircut, and said Max did an awesome job!  The sweet lollipop seemed to keep him occupied while his Biebery locks were chopped off.  Then Ian went and got us Shamrock Shakes as a special treat.  You know how I'm obsessed with sweets right now, so I was beyond happy when he placed that green shake in my hand.  I may have done a happy dance...okay not really, but my taste buds definitely were very thankful.

He looks like such a big boy. 

We then took Max to see the Globetrotters, thanks to Melanie who gave us tickets!  Ian and I had seen the show before, but when you do something for the first time with Max, it's even better.  Max had fallen asleep on the ride, so of course when we got there he was a groggy mess.   He didn't quite wake up until the 2nd half of the show, and then he was trying to cause trouble.  We, by we I mean me, brought him a chocolate chip cookie.  Obviously the Shamrock Shake wasn't enough sweets for me, so I wanted the cookie, but I shared.  My mama taught me well.   Ian bought Max wrist bands and a head band at the show.  Max now wears the wrist bands with pride when he plays basketball.  Once it's time to play hockey though, he takes them off.  

Wearing Jordan shirts, ready to watch some basketball!

Sunday we had made plans to go to the Glendale Chocolate Affaire with K and her family.  Max was excited to see K, and I was excited to see all the chocolate. (I know, sickening.)  There were a lot of chocolate lovers there, and quite a few were pregnant ladies, so I didn't feel too bad.  We had a lot of fun.  We took the kiddos on a horse and carriage ride, carnival rides, had a yummy (unhealthy) lunch, and the best part....chocolate.   I decided to go with the chocolate covered cheesecake.  I know I could have gone with the strawberries, and made it somewhat healthy with the fruit and all, but I figured I might as well go big.  I didn't even take pictures of the melt in your mouth, best chocolate covered cheesecake because Max and I were too busy devouring it.   We walked around a lot, so I'm assuming we totally walked off all the calories we ate.  Maybe...

The horse even looked over as the picture was being taken. 

The Daddies loved the rides just as much as the kiddos!


When we got home my sciatic nerve was killing me and my left leg was useless.  I was a hobbling mess who was crying in pain.  Ian took pity on me and was super helpful.  We also sold our dresser that we've been trying to sell for months!  People would come forward and say they wanted it, and then set a date to pick it up.  It never failed, every time they would message me and say nevermind, or just not show up.  I was getting pissed about the whole thing, and told Ian I know how the NHL feels with trying to sell the Coyotes.  You get so close, and then it falls through.  Well last night, some awesome person came and picked it up!  The minute it was out the door I celebrated, with no happy dance because of my useless leg, but you could so tell I was happy about getting it out of the house!  

We had a wonderful, fun filled, family weekend. My favorite type of weekend.  
I hope you had a wonderful weekend as well!!

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