Cara Box

This is my first time participating in the Cara Box exchange, and it was so fun!!  Kaitlyn came up with the idea for fellow bloggers.  You send a box of goodies along with an encouraging letter to the blogger you are matched up with.  This month the theme was sending goodies that started with the first letter of the name of the person you had.  I was matched with two ladies who happened to have the coolest name: Jennifer.  

The Jennifer I sent a Cara Box to was fun to get to know.  She actually lives here in AZ as well!  You can check out her blog and see what fun stuff I sent her.  Coming up with J items was a challenge! 

The Jennifer that sent to me (are you confused with all the Jennifers yet?) is one crafty, organized Mama.  Getting to know her I found out that we love some of the same things, which leads me to the items she sent me!

1. Jackpot nail polish.  I'd say she hit the jackpot with this one, and I can't wait to wear it! Definitely a Spring color.
2. Jolly Rancher Fruit Chews-These are my new addiction.  So ridiculously good.
3. Junior Mints- Love.
4. Jelly Beans Starburst flavored- the only kind of jelly beans I'll eat. 
5. Jello No Bake Cheesecake- Umm..hello I have this this every year on my bday! My absolute favorite kind of cheesecake. 
6. Dove Rabbit (Jumpy)- Chocolate...need I say more?
7. Gossip Magazine with Jen and Justin- I love me some celebrity gossip!!

Jennifer did such a great job with items that I love!!  Question is do I share with Max and Ian?? 

I can't wait to participate again!  Thanks to Kaitlyn and the Jennifers for making this Cara Box exchange a great one! 

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31 Weeks

I bet you've been asking yourself all day, "Where is Jennifer's bump update?!"   There isn't going to be one today.  Sorry.  My family left today, we had a playdate with K, and then Max and I took a 2 hr nap that only left me feeling more tired.   So yeah...my fingers are too exhausted to type up the weekly update. I do have pictures for you.  I'm not that exhausted to not show pictures.

No!  You can NOT leave!!

To make the leaving of my family easier for the kid, we had a playdate with K. 

Max turned into a bunny to bring goodies for K.  You should have seen him hopping.  I die.

9 weeks to go.... Okay, I'll do a quick update for you.  In the past 7 days it feels like she's the size of a basketball.  She kicks like she's pissed off about being cramped up in my belly, and I feel the pain.  Insomnia plain sucks.  No cravings, because I feel like I'm going to puke...yay nausea!   By the tone of this update my emotions could be a tad bit happier.  

Maybe next week.

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I know you've missed hearing about our adventures and seeing pictures of Max.   We went to NM to visit my family, and then my Mom, bro and sis came back with us to visit.  So needless to say we've been busy.  Here are a few pictures of what we've been up to lately.

Ian celebrated his birthday on Sunday.  I made him his favorite cake (funfetti), and tried my best at decorating.  I know, I lack the decorating skills.  It takes good, so that's all that matters.  

We went on a date to the Arrowhead Grill.  The food was amazing!  Little Miss enjoyed all the yummy goodness as well.  We'll definitely go back. 

Max helped with eating the frosting while I was decorating Ian's cake.  He thought it was funny that his tongue was "Bue".  

Grandma and Grandpa gave him a race car rug with cars for Easter.  Also some chocolate that we may have hidden from Daddy.  He doesn't need in on our sugar addiction while he's being all healthy. .

Max was showing off his faceoff skills to Grandma.  He takes his hockey showing off seriously.

We've had such a fun time with my family.  We're going to be sad when they leave tomorrow, and Max will be extra mad.  He hates saying goodbye, and I can already see his angry tears.  Luckily, we're going to see K tomorrow afterwards so that should ease his pain.  I hope.   The next time we see them will be when Little Miss arrives...holy crap.

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7 Quick Takes

I'm attempting my second round of 7 quick takes and linking up with Jen. (I called this 7 quick tales last week, I apologize.  I blame it on my awesome eyes.) 

1.  Max and I came to NM to visit my family.  Our flight left at 6:25 in the AM on Tuesday.  Max lived up to our bragging of him being an awesome traveler.  He was super excited to get on the airplane and sit by the window.  He watched us take off and then fell fast asleep, as did I.  Getting up at 3:30 was rough.  A cute baby and her mama sat by us.  Max called her Mr. Baby Airplane.  He loved her at first sight. 

2.  Yesterday we treated my Mom to lunch at Jason's Deli.  You get complimentary ice cream, so I got some for Max.  He attacked that bowl of ice cream like there was no tomorrow.  The only evidence that he had ice cream was the chocolate trail of drips on his shirt and shorts. 

3. I filled out my bracket yesterday for March Madness with minutes to spare.  Umm yeah...I had UNM going to the Final Four.  Thank you UNM for messing up my bracket.    Yesterday just wasn't my day for my teams winning.  NMSU-Lost.  Lobos-Lost (not that they're my team, but I was cheering for them.) Coyotes (nonMarch madness)-Lost. They've lost 5 in row.  Let's go boys, get it together!!

4.Since I can't have soft serve ice cream because I'm with child (I saw another bloggers comment about this fact, and I'm totally taking her word), and I'm home I had to get Caliches.  It's a must when you come to LC.  Man oh man was it good

5. Ian taught Max to sing "Peanut butter Jelly Time".  I actually have no clue if that's what it's called, but it's on YouTube.  You ask Max what time it is, and he says, "Peanut butter jelly time! Peanut butter jelly time! Peanut butter jelly! Peanut butter jelly! Peanut better jelly and a baseball bat!"  My dad captured it on video.

6.  I told Max to say cheese for a picture to send to his Daddy, and this is what he gave me.

Instead of saying "Cheese!" he sang, "Fishy fishy!"  That stupid jingle makes me cringe.  I hate it, I get grossed out, and I just don't like it.  Max knows this and thinks it's so funny to torment me.  I'll get you back Max, just you wait.

7. Have you played Candy Crush on Facebook?  Don't.  It's addicting and a total waste of time.  I love it.  Thank you Jessi.  If you do play it and we're friends on FB, send me lives!  It may be addicting, but that doesn't mean I'm good at it.

Happy Friday!!  This weekend my love celebrates his birthday, and we get to go on a grown ups only date...not including the baby girl..obviously.


30 Weeks

How Much Longer: 10 Weeks!! (TEN!)
Baby Size:  Butternut Squash
Maternity Clothes: Maternity pants, and mixing maternity/nonmaternity shirts.
Stretch marks: Yes....(I'm super excited about this...)
Weight gain: So I think I'm going to take this part out of my weekly posts.  I'm getting too caught up on my weight this time around, and I may have had a tiny...okay major melt down over the weekend.  Thank goodness for a supportive husband.
Sleep: Pretty good. (knock on wood.  Let's hope this keeps up!)
Best Moment of the Week: Going to a spring training game with Leslie, Josh and K.  I love watching Max and K play together.  Best friends forever.
Movement: Yes.  Baby girl is determined to make her presence known.  (Believe me Little Miss, I know you're in there.)
Food Cravings: Dion's.  Thank goodness I'm home in LC because I can have Dion's every day.  (I know I won't, but the fact that I could if I wanted, makes me happy.)
Gender: GIRL! (Who I want to say has a name!!! You'll find out when she gets here :))
Belly Button in or out: In (Seriously though, I feel like it's going to pop out any day now.  Little Miss kicks hard and she's probably going to kick it out...is that possible?)
Anything making you queasy or sick: Sunchips French Onion flavored. ( I let Max eat some yesterday and when he was done I could smell his breath...puking happened.  Just in case you wanted to know the outcome.)
Labor Signs: Same ole' same ole' BH contractions.  (Oh, and did I mention that my feet get majorly swollen?  Awesome I tell you, and this time around my hands are getting swollen too.)
Wedding ring on or off: On, but I think I'll only be wearing my wedding band from here on out.  My engagement ring gets a tad bit stuck, and then a panicked feeling runs through me when I can't get it off.)
What I miss: Breathing like a normal person. (Comments have been made about my breathing...I guess I sound like I might be dying...I don't know.  To me I sound normal.)
What I am looking forward to: Hanging up Little Miss's clothes that my parent's bought for her.  So flippin cute.
Nursery: Attacking the closets.  (One down, one to go!)
Emotions: Happy, but I cry so, so easily.  (Like way more than usual.  Sobbing, ugly face cry..not pretty.)


Weekend Rewind

Saturday:  Ian's birthday is next weekend, but we're both super busy this coming week, and so we decided to do a little shopping, and on his actual birthday we're going on a date.  Just us.  Shop we did.  We did so much walking I for sure thought I might go into labor.  Well...not really, but my poor feet weren't happy.  

We then went home to watch the Coyotes game.  It went all the way to a shootout, but unfortunately we lost.  Boo.  We ended our night watching a spring training game and fireworks.  We met up with K and her parents.  To say Max was excited to see K is an understatement.  Those two had some major fun.  The daddies went and bought them baseball bats, and Max also got a ball.  They played baseball on the grassy area.  They made friends with two other boys who were teaching them how to play the game.  So.Cute.  Max wasn't too big of a fan of the fireworks.  They were too loud for him and he plugged his ears the whole time.  Once they were over he talked about the pretty colors.  

Sunday: We had a quiet day.  Max and Ian went off to run errands.  I rested at home and watched a G&B marathon.  For dinner I made spaghetti squash.  The steps I take to prepare my new favorite meal to make:
1. Cut squash and take out seeds.  I use an ice cream scoop, because it's way easier to get all the seedy mess out.
2. Rub some EVOO on squash and put EVOOed side down.  Bake at 425 for 40 mins.
3. Take out and cool.  I turned them over just to take a picture so you could see the golden goodness. 
4.  Take a fork and run it through the squash and you get lovely looking noodle strands.  
5. Eat it all up!!

Today: I had a tummy check.  Max sat nicely and played his leap pad.  I called his name to take a picture of him, and the look he gave me...he wasn't impressed.   In each room they have a mural on the wall.  This is our second time in this room, and Max loves the trees.  He talked all about them and orange color of the leafs. The bump is measuring right on track and Little Miss's heartbeat was 150.  The doctor, Dr.D, another new face to me was wonderful.  I go back in two weeks!!  

Hope you had an awesome, fun filled and relaxing weekend.  :)

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Maxity Max

I told Max to say cheese, and these are the faces that he gives me.   That white thing in his hand is a broken hanger that he insists is a hockey stick.  It's all fun and games until it turns into a weapon. 

We went to watch Ian play hockey last night.  Max thought Shane Doan was on the ice.  I kept telling him Shane Doan wasn't there, but he was so excited when he saw one of the guys skating by and yelling, "Heyyyy Shane Doan!!" I just let him keep thinking it.  

He loves watching his Daddy play hockey.  

This kid...I love him so much. 

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!  We're off for a family fun filled weekend.  :)

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7 Quick Tales

So today I thought I'd share 7 quick tales, because Grace does it, and I love her blog.  It's a link up with Jen.   Keep in mind this is my first time sharing 7 quick tales, so bare with me here....

1. Yesterday Max decided he wasn't going to take nap.  He told me, "I not tired.  I not take a nap." He kept to his word, which meant I didn't have a nap.  He never got grumpy, which was a nice little bonus, but I was beyond tired.

2.  Max is awesome at making friends, especially with cougars.  At the hockey game Tuesday night a couple of cougars were in front of us and kept ooohhhing over Max.  One of them actually turned around and took a picture of him so she could have a keepsake.   Max was not interested.  That's my boy!

3. I'm kind of what you call a planner hoarder.  Seriously, I can't help but buy planners and then I end up not using any one of the seven I have.  So I added one more to my collection.  It's not just any planner.  It's the mother of all planners that I've seen other organized bloggers rave about...the Erin Condren life planner.  Oh yeah baby, you better believe I am in love.   I think my hoarding ways will stop, because I'm 100% sure that this will be the only planner I ever use.  Hello organized life.

4. Bloggers every where freaked out about Google Reader retiring, and now love Bloglovin'.  I was on Bloglovin' for awhile, but I have officially jumped onto the Bloglovin' train.  Click on that button on the top right and follow my blog, k?   Once again I realized that I follow way too many blogs...

5.  Today Max and K had a playdate.  They haven't seen each other all week, and when we got to Chick-Fil-A, it was hug central.  So cute.  They ate a yummy lunch and then played, which is really all they wanted to do.  Max climbed up the toy thing and then got scared.  He wouldn't go down the slide, and he loves slides.  One little girl helped him down.  Then for some reason he went back up only to get scared again.  I couldn't climb in there after him, I tried, so some little boy named Ben helped him down.  After that he wasn't allowed to climb up the toy thing.  He wasn't happy about it and took his aggression out on the hummingbird picture.    When it was time to leave he was pissed and wouldn't say goodbye.  He hates saying goodbye when we're leaving friends.

6.  It's already in the 90s here.  90s.  I think I may be the only person not happy about it...I like cooler weather.   I think I have an excuse as well for not liking the hot weather.  I'm pregnant.  Enough said.

7.  My little sister, who really isn't so little, is a huge One Direction fan. I love to send her pictures of one of the members who I think is creepy.  I'm sure millions of little girls love him and if any find this blog they aren't going to be happy with me.   I sent her this picture yesterday, and told her, "It's almost Friday!! Thumbs up!"

I thought it was so funny.  I think half the time she humors me.  For the record, he is not her favorite of the boys.  I don't know which one is...he's definitely no Justin Timberlake.

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TBT: Yours Truly

I started attacking the closet in our guest room and found some gems let me tell you!  I found a couple of shoes boxes that held memories from many, many, many years ago.  We're talking 20+ years of memories in these boxes.  There's even pictures of me when I was a baby so that's 30 years ago...holy cow.

Top left: Me when I was a little baby.  Look at that patch of hair on my head. 
Top right: I'm loving my outfit.
Bottom: I was a junior in high school and in confirmation class.  We must have been learning a lot if I was busy posing/taking pictures.  

Where to start with these pictures? Top right and we'll go clockwise. 
This is from when I lived in Vaughn, NM.  Google that town.  
1. My cousin, Gloria, and I dressed up for spirit day.  I'm the goody-goody who wouldn't think of smoking.  (I had one of her where she's pretending to smoke.  She's obviously the wild one in the picture.)  
2.Then you have a beauty of me with my cousins, Naomi and Ara.  I think this was either our headstart graduation or kinder graduation.  I don't remember, but our dresses were awesome. 
3. I have no idea what I'm doing in this picture, and why I didn't pull down my shirt.  I'm pretty happy though, and rocking pigtails. 
4. Another spirit day picture. VHS cheerleader.  Heck yeah!  I love my pose here, because I so thought I was cool.
5.  Look at those cheeks.  Max and Little Miss get those from me. My curly hair...awe is it weird that I think I was a cute baby?  I can kinda see Max in my baby picture...like a tiny, little bit. 

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29 Weeks!!

How Much Longer: 11 Weeks!! (It's my Golden Week.  29 weeks, due the 29th of May.  It's going to be a great week!)
Baby Size: Acorn Squash  
Maternity Clothes: Maternity pants, and mixing maternity/nonmaternity shirts.(I'm not sure how much longer I can pull this one off.  The belly is growing.)
Stretch marks: I think some are starting to make an appearance. (Hello stretchmarks.).
Weight gain: 17 lbs
Sleep: Sucky (Last night I got up 5 times before 1:30, then read two magazines until 3:00ish, got up some more  and then finally fell asleep around 4:30.  I was up at 7:45.) 
Best Moment of the Week: NOT getting a call about my glucose test!  (Woot woot! This calls for celebration.  Piece of chocolate?  Kidding!) 
Movement: Oh my baby girl seriously kicks hard.  Way harder than Max ever did. (Maybe I'm just a wimp this time around.  When she kicks downward it makes me stop in my tracks and gasp in pain.  Okay, a tad bit dramatic, but it feels like a sharp stabby feeling.  That's the truth.)
Food Cravings: Mmmm...alcohol.  (I tell you I'm seriously not a drinker when I'm not pregnant.  I'll have the occasional Bloody Mary or Blue Moon, but it's not an every day thing.  Now that I'm pregnant you would think I was some alcoholic or something.  I did have a mocktail the other night.  Pretty darn tasty.) 
Gender: GIRL!
Belly Button in or out: In (Only 11 weeks belly button.  Stay in.)
Anything making you queasy or sick: Yes, but I don't know what it is.  Morning sickness is actually in the morning. 
Labor Signs: BH (Little Miss is just warming up for her grand entrance that will be after 37 weeks.)
Wedding ring on or off: On. 
What I miss: Hmm....my sweet friend Sleep, and my lovely friend Bloody Mary.  (Oh and my forehead looking normal again.  After being attacked by the trunk, it got attacked by my curling iron.  o.u.c.h.)
What I am looking forward to: Seeing my family next week! (Alicia is going to bake me cookies!! Best sister ever! Okay, really she's not making me cookies, but I thought if I threw this in, she might.) 
Nursery: Attacking the closets.  (If I keep saying this, it will get done.)
Emotions: Happy and very, very tired. 

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Imagination Avenue

This morning started off with a lovely rh- shot in my hip.  The nice nurse lady asked which side I wanted the shot in...like it matters.  She was very nice and chatty.  What a fun job huh?  Stabbing people first thing in the morning with a needle.  The actually needle going into my hip didn't hurt, it's the medicine that burns like a mother.  Then the nice lady pushes her finger where the needle was and rubs it in.  Ouch!!  Thankfully that's over with, and now it's tummy checks every two weeks starting next week.  Exciting!!

Max and I then made our way to Imagination Avenue.  We met up with my Aunt and cousins.  Max was able to play with his cousin, Jax, and see little miss Jaylee.  We had never been there, but it was such a cute place.  Max and I got there early and were the first people there, so what were we to do?  Go around and take pictures!  Duh.   This place has a bakery, school house, fire station,  grocery store, doctors office,  home depot, etc.   One of the moms there said it's usually packed and it gets very cutthroat. Survival of the fittest among the toddlers, but luckily there were maybe 10 kiddos there if that.   So there were no Hunger Games going on with our sweet children.

If Max ever decides to be a fire fighter or work at Home Depot, he will look so cute!  
He had fun playing with the train table, pretending he was at school, and checking his ears in the doctors office. 

He took all the fruit and veggies and put them in the cart to push around.  Then wanted to go put out a fire.  Lastly he and his cousin ended up behind bars.  This better be the only time those two are behind bars!

Now my little criminal is fast asleep taking his much needed nap.  We'll be spending our evening with our favorite guys: Daddy and the Coyotes. 

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1.  Max's bathroom is elephants, and in those frames were pictures of flowers that did not match at all.  I found these printables off Pinterest (of course) and put them up.  Ian's comments about me finally changing them, "Ummm are you telling guests what they are suppose to do in the bathroom?"  Hello husband, this is art. 
2.  I made the Williams-Sonoma concoction floating around (you guess it!) Pinterest to make the house smell amazingly good for our weekend visitors.  It's a subtle smell that slowing takes over each room.  Smells pretty darn good. 
3.  I made cranberry orange muffins for our guests for breakfast on Saturday.  
4.  I may have tried 1 or 2 to make sure they tasted good for our guests.  Delish people! 
5.  We met up with Laura, Maddi, and Nolan at the Outlets to do a little shopping.  Max and Maddi rode in the airplane, and by Max's expression and holding of the handle you can tell he thought it was fun.   I couldn't stop laughing at him, because the boy was so stiff, he would not loosen his grip.  He was going to make sure he didn't fall out of the plane. 
6.  Max had so much fun with Lisa.  She was showing him a shield, which he loved.  When our guests left he kept asking for them last night.  Too cute. 
7.  Max picked that adorable outfit for his sister, Mr. Baby.   Yes, Mr. Baby.   I asked him if he wanted to name his sister insert name, and he said, "No, no insert name.  Mr. Baby!"

We had a wonderful weekend that went by too fast.  I feel like I need a day to recover from our fun-filled weekend.  Oh, and the Coyotes won Saturday which is always awesome.  Shane Doan scored a goal.  Max asked, "Shane Doan scored a goal?"  So I told him yes, and he said, "Ohhhh Shane Doan scored a goal!!"  We had the exact conversation about a million times Saturday night.  

Hope you all had an awesome weekend!!  

I'm linking up with the lovely Sami, you should too. (If you have a blog.)

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Conversations with Max

Me: Max what are you doing?
Max: I playing with markers!
Me: You better not be playing with markers.
Max: Okay I not playing with markers.
Me: What are you playing with?
Max: Markerrrrss!!

I quietly tried taking his picture to see what in fact he was playing with....
1.  He doesn't look happy with me sneaking up on him.
2. He was playing with crayons, which he apparently thinks are markers. 

Happy Friday!

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Finish the Sentence

Fun, easy way to end my Friday blogging.  Linking up with Holly and Jake...It's fun, do it.

1. People always tell me (now that I'm pregnant) how big or small my bump is.  Mostly big.  Thank you people.  I already feel big, but hearing how big I look to you (stranger) makes me feel great!
2. In the movie based on my life, you would be shocked on how often I go to Starbucks.  You probably would think I own one.  I make my giftcards last. 
3. Typically, I end up regretting not saying when something is bothering me, because I tend to let it build.  Then bam! I explode. 
4. I always ask to leave off the, mushrooms and olives.  Bleh. 
5. Kim and Kanye really need to move somewhere where there are no cameras, or just stay inside all day.  There are only so many "bump" watch pictures a girl can take in one day!
6. My Parents always reminded me to drive safe.  Really I can't remember, but I'm pretty safe picking this, because I'm 99% sure they told me this every time I left to go back to college or now when I go visit. 
7. Every single day I get a morning hug from Max.  Awesome way to start my day. 
8. This one time in College we use to go to Juarez all the time, and sometimes walk over the bridge, just us girls.  We were stupid. 
9. My grossest habit is biting my nails.  It's a dirty habit that needs to stop. 
10. My latest white lie was telling a stranger who informed me how big I am, that I'm further along than I really am.  That way their whole response changes and they then tell me how good I look.   Lie? Nah, it makes me feel good. :)
11. I know all the words to Toy Story 2.  Max hearts Buzz and Woody, and I need to buy Toy Story 3. 
12. When I grow up I want to be an owner of a bookstore, preferably The Shop Around The Corner. (You've Got Mail)
13. Sexy time is haha..this made me laugh. 
14. I will never, ever like olives or mushrooms.  It's never going to happen. g.r.o.s.s.
15. I think it's hilarious when Max talks to me with attitude.  It should be funny, and I should get mad, but it's too cute. 


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TBT Family Edition

Another edition of TBT for your viewing pleasure   Sorry it's blurry.  I took pictures of pictures.   
We're changing the guest room into Max's new big boy room, and I came across pictures from years and years ago.  I love looking at old pictures.  I love how when you are looking at the picture, it takes you back into that moment and it's like you're reliving it for a split second.  

The picture of me with my family is from my college graduation from May 2005 (Could my hair be any darker?).  The top right picture is my little brother who seems to be pissed about his picture being taken.  Then you have multiple pictures of my little sister.  I just wanted to embarrass her a little. Ha!  I'm pretty sure I did her hair in the bottom picture. Let's hope when it comes to my daughter, I do a better job. :)  The last picture is Alicia pushing our cousin Zia in a doll stroller.  Alicia is having a grand ole time, but Zia clearly isn't impressed.  I would so do the same thing for a picture moment. 

Oh my boy.  Max now and then.  

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28 Weeks!!

How Much Longer: 12 Weeks!! (Hello third trimester!!)
Baby Size: Eggplant (She's seriously mushed in there.  At the ultrasound her feet were up by her head. Crazy.)
Maternity Clothes: Maternity pants (because they are just so comfy), and mixing maternity/nonmaternity shirts.  
Stretch marks: Nope.
Weight gain:  16.5 lbs
Sleep: Okay.  (I begged Ian to let me turn the ceiling fan on.  He hates it, but I've been sleeping alright with it on. So it's staying on.  Sorry Ian. :))
Best Moment of the Week: Seeing Little Miss at the ultrasound yesterday.
Movement: The girl can kick hard. (in every direction.  Ouch)
Food Cravings: None, but my friend, Leslie, introduced me to Pretzel Crisps.  (OMG so good!)
Gender: GIRL!  
Belly Button in or out: In (For the time being.  I keep thinking of that commercial that showed belly buttons singing, "I'm coming out")
Anything making you queasy or sick:  Unfortunately yes. (Morning sickness is back, but it's not that bad.)
Labor Signs: BH (It's not an every day thing, but I do feel them throughout the week.)
Wedding ring on or off: On. 
What I miss:  Max being small.  He's such a big boy now.  A friend's son turned 2 this week, and it made me get all mushy about Max.  He's going to be 3 in August. 3! It feels like just yesterday we were bringing him home from the hospital and now we have conversations in the car and he sings songs by himself.  Today we went to the gas station and he asked me what the gas is for, and sang Row Your Boat at the top of his lungs. 
What I am looking forward to: Meeting this little girl.  I can't wait.  (and my forehead no longer hurting.  Stupid trunk.)
Nursery: My goal for the next few weeks is to work on Max's closet and the closet in his new room.  (Major organizing and decluttering ahead for me.)
Emotions: Happy :)

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