29 Weeks!!

How Much Longer: 11 Weeks!! (It's my Golden Week.  29 weeks, due the 29th of May.  It's going to be a great week!)
Baby Size: Acorn Squash  
Maternity Clothes: Maternity pants, and mixing maternity/nonmaternity shirts.(I'm not sure how much longer I can pull this one off.  The belly is growing.)
Stretch marks: I think some are starting to make an appearance. (Hello stretchmarks.).
Weight gain: 17 lbs
Sleep: Sucky (Last night I got up 5 times before 1:30, then read two magazines until 3:00ish, got up some more  and then finally fell asleep around 4:30.  I was up at 7:45.) 
Best Moment of the Week: NOT getting a call about my glucose test!  (Woot woot! This calls for celebration.  Piece of chocolate?  Kidding!) 
Movement: Oh my baby girl seriously kicks hard.  Way harder than Max ever did. (Maybe I'm just a wimp this time around.  When she kicks downward it makes me stop in my tracks and gasp in pain.  Okay, a tad bit dramatic, but it feels like a sharp stabby feeling.  That's the truth.)
Food Cravings: Mmmm...alcohol.  (I tell you I'm seriously not a drinker when I'm not pregnant.  I'll have the occasional Bloody Mary or Blue Moon, but it's not an every day thing.  Now that I'm pregnant you would think I was some alcoholic or something.  I did have a mocktail the other night.  Pretty darn tasty.) 
Gender: GIRL!
Belly Button in or out: In (Only 11 weeks belly button.  Stay in.)
Anything making you queasy or sick: Yes, but I don't know what it is.  Morning sickness is actually in the morning. 
Labor Signs: BH (Little Miss is just warming up for her grand entrance that will be after 37 weeks.)
Wedding ring on or off: On. 
What I miss: Hmm....my sweet friend Sleep, and my lovely friend Bloody Mary.  (Oh and my forehead looking normal again.  After being attacked by the trunk, it got attacked by my curling iron.  o.u.c.h.)
What I am looking forward to: Seeing my family next week! (Alicia is going to bake me cookies!! Best sister ever! Okay, really she's not making me cookies, but I thought if I threw this in, she might.) 
Nursery: Attacking the closets.  (If I keep saying this, it will get done.)
Emotions: Happy and very, very tired. 

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