30 Weeks

How Much Longer: 10 Weeks!! (TEN!)
Baby Size:  Butternut Squash
Maternity Clothes: Maternity pants, and mixing maternity/nonmaternity shirts.
Stretch marks: Yes....(I'm super excited about this...)
Weight gain: So I think I'm going to take this part out of my weekly posts.  I'm getting too caught up on my weight this time around, and I may have had a tiny...okay major melt down over the weekend.  Thank goodness for a supportive husband.
Sleep: Pretty good. (knock on wood.  Let's hope this keeps up!)
Best Moment of the Week: Going to a spring training game with Leslie, Josh and K.  I love watching Max and K play together.  Best friends forever.
Movement: Yes.  Baby girl is determined to make her presence known.  (Believe me Little Miss, I know you're in there.)
Food Cravings: Dion's.  Thank goodness I'm home in LC because I can have Dion's every day.  (I know I won't, but the fact that I could if I wanted, makes me happy.)
Gender: GIRL! (Who I want to say has a name!!! You'll find out when she gets here :))
Belly Button in or out: In (Seriously though, I feel like it's going to pop out any day now.  Little Miss kicks hard and she's probably going to kick it out...is that possible?)
Anything making you queasy or sick: Sunchips French Onion flavored. ( I let Max eat some yesterday and when he was done I could smell his breath...puking happened.  Just in case you wanted to know the outcome.)
Labor Signs: Same ole' same ole' BH contractions.  (Oh, and did I mention that my feet get majorly swollen?  Awesome I tell you, and this time around my hands are getting swollen too.)
Wedding ring on or off: On, but I think I'll only be wearing my wedding band from here on out.  My engagement ring gets a tad bit stuck, and then a panicked feeling runs through me when I can't get it off.)
What I miss: Breathing like a normal person. (Comments have been made about my breathing...I guess I sound like I might be dying...I don't know.  To me I sound normal.)
What I am looking forward to: Hanging up Little Miss's clothes that my parent's bought for her.  So flippin cute.
Nursery: Attacking the closets.  (One down, one to go!)
Emotions: Happy, but I cry so, so easily.  (Like way more than usual.  Sobbing, ugly face cry..not pretty.)


  1. I feel you on the crying! Here lately just about anything sends me into fits of tears! I can even sob wildly while laughing, over something as stupid as my husband asking where the dish cloths have gone!

    1. I won't be sad when I'm not crying for any little thing. It's getting out of hand....Oh the sobbling that comes from laughing is the worst!! This happens quite often to me, and I can't stop laughing or crying. My husband and son just look at me...which makes me laugh harder. :)