31 Weeks

I bet you've been asking yourself all day, "Where is Jennifer's bump update?!"   There isn't going to be one today.  Sorry.  My family left today, we had a playdate with K, and then Max and I took a 2 hr nap that only left me feeling more tired.   So yeah...my fingers are too exhausted to type up the weekly update. I do have pictures for you.  I'm not that exhausted to not show pictures.

No!  You can NOT leave!!

To make the leaving of my family easier for the kid, we had a playdate with K. 

Max turned into a bunny to bring goodies for K.  You should have seen him hopping.  I die.

9 weeks to go.... Okay, I'll do a quick update for you.  In the past 7 days it feels like she's the size of a basketball.  She kicks like she's pissed off about being cramped up in my belly, and I feel the pain.  Insomnia plain sucks.  No cravings, because I feel like I'm going to puke...yay nausea!   By the tone of this update my emotions could be a tad bit happier.  

Maybe next week.

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