7 Quick Tales

So today I thought I'd share 7 quick tales, because Grace does it, and I love her blog.  It's a link up with Jen.   Keep in mind this is my first time sharing 7 quick tales, so bare with me here....

1. Yesterday Max decided he wasn't going to take nap.  He told me, "I not tired.  I not take a nap." He kept to his word, which meant I didn't have a nap.  He never got grumpy, which was a nice little bonus, but I was beyond tired.

2.  Max is awesome at making friends, especially with cougars.  At the hockey game Tuesday night a couple of cougars were in front of us and kept ooohhhing over Max.  One of them actually turned around and took a picture of him so she could have a keepsake.   Max was not interested.  That's my boy!

3. I'm kind of what you call a planner hoarder.  Seriously, I can't help but buy planners and then I end up not using any one of the seven I have.  So I added one more to my collection.  It's not just any planner.  It's the mother of all planners that I've seen other organized bloggers rave about...the Erin Condren life planner.  Oh yeah baby, you better believe I am in love.   I think my hoarding ways will stop, because I'm 100% sure that this will be the only planner I ever use.  Hello organized life.

4. Bloggers every where freaked out about Google Reader retiring, and now love Bloglovin'.  I was on Bloglovin' for awhile, but I have officially jumped onto the Bloglovin' train.  Click on that button on the top right and follow my blog, k?   Once again I realized that I follow way too many blogs...

5.  Today Max and K had a playdate.  They haven't seen each other all week, and when we got to Chick-Fil-A, it was hug central.  So cute.  They ate a yummy lunch and then played, which is really all they wanted to do.  Max climbed up the toy thing and then got scared.  He wouldn't go down the slide, and he loves slides.  One little girl helped him down.  Then for some reason he went back up only to get scared again.  I couldn't climb in there after him, I tried, so some little boy named Ben helped him down.  After that he wasn't allowed to climb up the toy thing.  He wasn't happy about it and took his aggression out on the hummingbird picture.    When it was time to leave he was pissed and wouldn't say goodbye.  He hates saying goodbye when we're leaving friends.

6.  It's already in the 90s here.  90s.  I think I may be the only person not happy about it...I like cooler weather.   I think I have an excuse as well for not liking the hot weather.  I'm pregnant.  Enough said.

7.  My little sister, who really isn't so little, is a huge One Direction fan. I love to send her pictures of one of the members who I think is creepy.  I'm sure millions of little girls love him and if any find this blog they aren't going to be happy with me.   I sent her this picture yesterday, and told her, "It's almost Friday!! Thumbs up!"

I thought it was so funny.  I think half the time she humors me.  For the record, he is not her favorite of the boys.  I don't know which one is...he's definitely no Justin Timberlake.

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