Forehead vs.Trunk

Max found one of his Daddy's business cards in his pocket, and 
by the look on his face he's pretty excited about it!

Last night we watched the game with Leslie and K.  Max and K had so much fun!  Max usually just sits on my lap and watches the game.  With K there he was so animated.  He clapped, yelled, howled, booed, and danced!  There may have been kissing going on, but there were no photos taken, so there isn't any proof.  Max told me on the way to the game that he was going to see Shane Doan, Daddy and K!  He was in heaven all night.  Great game and great company!

The bump was rockin polka dots today.  She must have been a fan because she was kicking up a storm giving me her approval.   I also cut my hair yesterday.  Added some bangs...I don't know how I feel about them.  

Max totally approved of his outfit of the day.  He looked so grown up in this outfit.  
My little boy is growing up so fast.   He looks so cute. :)

We went to Ian's work and Max had fun working with Daddy.  He was checking the mailbox, trying to work the copier, following his Daddy, and trying to take over his seat.   I swear these two together just makes my heart happy.  (Did that make you gag over the sappiness?) 

Max also had a bday party to attend today.  He had lots of fun playing, going down the slides, and eating pizza.  He wanted to open E's bday gift, but changed his mind when he got his goodie bag before we left.  This was the goodie bag of all goodie bags.  Max was so excited to empty all the fun out of the bag when we got home.  His favorite item: bubbles.  

When we got home I was taking bags out of the trunk.  I parked in our driveway and it's kind of slanted.  Well I'm grabbing the bags and the trunk closes and whacks me on my forehead and shoulder.  Talk about pain.  It happened so fast, and caught me off guard.  I totally cried like a baby, cursed in my head, and slammed the trunk closed (as if it could feel my anger). I know tomorrow I'll be sporting a pretty awesome bruise on my forehead (thank goodness for the new bangs) and shoulder.  Maybe I'll take pictures to show off the fight between my forehead and the trunk.  Just so you know, Max didn't care at all.  He was too busy going through his goodie bag to notice I was crying in pain.  Ian was at the NASCAR race so I texted him and made no sense because I was a sobbing mess and couldn't see through my tears to spell correctly.  I told him a truck fell on my forehead.  Haha!  I was just trying to be dramatic. 

Happy Sunday!  I hope no trunks fell on your head. 

Linking up with HERE.  Go check out what others did this weekend.  I'm sure no trunks attacked their foreheads.  (Today I have an awesomely purple bruise on my shoulder, and 3 bumps and a greenish tint to my forehead.  I think I like my bangs after all....)

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  1. Love your bumpity bump! And seriously the "hockey" faces are thee best! Found you thru Sami's link up, looking forward to following along.

    Kristine from The Foley Fam {unedited} Blog

    1. That's my favorite picture of Max and his bestfriend. They were so into the game! Haha!

  2. I think you look gorgeous with bangs. Congrats to Max for having such a wonderful time and good luck on your pregnancy. :)