Imagination Avenue

This morning started off with a lovely rh- shot in my hip.  The nice nurse lady asked which side I wanted the shot in...like it matters.  She was very nice and chatty.  What a fun job huh?  Stabbing people first thing in the morning with a needle.  The actually needle going into my hip didn't hurt, it's the medicine that burns like a mother.  Then the nice lady pushes her finger where the needle was and rubs it in.  Ouch!!  Thankfully that's over with, and now it's tummy checks every two weeks starting next week.  Exciting!!

Max and I then made our way to Imagination Avenue.  We met up with my Aunt and cousins.  Max was able to play with his cousin, Jax, and see little miss Jaylee.  We had never been there, but it was such a cute place.  Max and I got there early and were the first people there, so what were we to do?  Go around and take pictures!  Duh.   This place has a bakery, school house, fire station,  grocery store, doctors office,  home depot, etc.   One of the moms there said it's usually packed and it gets very cutthroat. Survival of the fittest among the toddlers, but luckily there were maybe 10 kiddos there if that.   So there were no Hunger Games going on with our sweet children.

If Max ever decides to be a fire fighter or work at Home Depot, he will look so cute!  
He had fun playing with the train table, pretending he was at school, and checking his ears in the doctors office. 

He took all the fruit and veggies and put them in the cart to push around.  Then wanted to go put out a fire.  Lastly he and his cousin ended up behind bars.  This better be the only time those two are behind bars!

Now my little criminal is fast asleep taking his much needed nap.  We'll be spending our evening with our favorite guys: Daddy and the Coyotes. 

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  1. that place looks so cute! I wish we had one of those places here! And you're right he would make a very cute firefighter! (or Home Depot worker! haha)

    1. I bet your little man would love it!

  2. Looks like a neat place! Bad part of living in a small town, I can take my boys to Kohls or Walmart and that's about the extent of a fun outing.

    1. A fun outing for Max is going to Target, so he when we go somewhere that's not Target he gets excited. :)