Max's Idea

We went to the park and had some major fun.  It amazes me how much older he seems every day.  He climbed the stairs by himself and walked around like he owned the place.  That is until the big kiddos got there.  They obviously didn't read the sign that said "Kids age 2-5 years old."  We weren't impressed by their pushing and playing rough, so we left and got a strawberry milkshake.  Max's idea, not mine. 

The minute we walked into the library he ran for the puzzles.  This nifty toy consumed all his attention.  We picked out 5 books and 2 movies.  He tried picking movies that we already had, but we settled on Monsters Inc.  I'm trying to get him over his fear of monster.

Before the movie we watched some hockey. (of course)  
These two were so into the game.  I could spend my time watching these two.  

Then we put Max's shirt back on him, because the kid loves to take it off, to take some pictures with his train set that he got for Christmas from his great-aunts Trish and Lisa.  He loved putting the tracks together with his Daddy, and watching the train go around the track.  Super cute friends! Once the camera was put away, the shirt came back off. 

Hope you all have a great weekend!  We are going to see the Coyotes play tonight and Max is so excited because K will be there too.  Then tomorrow he's going to a birthday party.  He thinks the gift we bought for his friend is actually his....cue tantrum when he realizes it's not his. 

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