TBT Family Edition

Another edition of TBT for your viewing pleasure   Sorry it's blurry.  I took pictures of pictures.   
We're changing the guest room into Max's new big boy room, and I came across pictures from years and years ago.  I love looking at old pictures.  I love how when you are looking at the picture, it takes you back into that moment and it's like you're reliving it for a split second.  

The picture of me with my family is from my college graduation from May 2005 (Could my hair be any darker?).  The top right picture is my little brother who seems to be pissed about his picture being taken.  Then you have multiple pictures of my little sister.  I just wanted to embarrass her a little. Ha!  I'm pretty sure I did her hair in the bottom picture. Let's hope when it comes to my daughter, I do a better job. :)  The last picture is Alicia pushing our cousin Zia in a doll stroller.  Alicia is having a grand ole time, but Zia clearly isn't impressed.  I would so do the same thing for a picture moment. 

Oh my boy.  Max now and then.  

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  1. That picture is so adorable.

    1. Max was so cute holding the picture. At first he didn't know it was him. He just thought it was some baby.