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I started attacking the closet in our guest room and found some gems let me tell you!  I found a couple of shoes boxes that held memories from many, many, many years ago.  We're talking 20+ years of memories in these boxes.  There's even pictures of me when I was a baby so that's 30 years ago...holy cow.

Top left: Me when I was a little baby.  Look at that patch of hair on my head. 
Top right: I'm loving my outfit.
Bottom: I was a junior in high school and in confirmation class.  We must have been learning a lot if I was busy posing/taking pictures.  

Where to start with these pictures? Top right and we'll go clockwise. 
This is from when I lived in Vaughn, NM.  Google that town.  
1. My cousin, Gloria, and I dressed up for spirit day.  I'm the goody-goody who wouldn't think of smoking.  (I had one of her where she's pretending to smoke.  She's obviously the wild one in the picture.)  
2.Then you have a beauty of me with my cousins, Naomi and Ara.  I think this was either our headstart graduation or kinder graduation.  I don't remember, but our dresses were awesome. 
3. I have no idea what I'm doing in this picture, and why I didn't pull down my shirt.  I'm pretty happy though, and rocking pigtails. 
4. Another spirit day picture. VHS cheerleader.  Heck yeah!  I love my pose here, because I so thought I was cool.
5.  Look at those cheeks.  Max and Little Miss get those from me. My curly hair...awe is it weird that I think I was a cute baby?  I can kinda see Max in my baby picture...like a tiny, little bit. 

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