Weekend Rewind

Saturday:  Ian's birthday is next weekend, but we're both super busy this coming week, and so we decided to do a little shopping, and on his actual birthday we're going on a date.  Just us.  Shop we did.  We did so much walking I for sure thought I might go into labor.  Well...not really, but my poor feet weren't happy.  

We then went home to watch the Coyotes game.  It went all the way to a shootout, but unfortunately we lost.  Boo.  We ended our night watching a spring training game and fireworks.  We met up with K and her parents.  To say Max was excited to see K is an understatement.  Those two had some major fun.  The daddies went and bought them baseball bats, and Max also got a ball.  They played baseball on the grassy area.  They made friends with two other boys who were teaching them how to play the game.  So.Cute.  Max wasn't too big of a fan of the fireworks.  They were too loud for him and he plugged his ears the whole time.  Once they were over he talked about the pretty colors.  

Sunday: We had a quiet day.  Max and Ian went off to run errands.  I rested at home and watched a G&B marathon.  For dinner I made spaghetti squash.  The steps I take to prepare my new favorite meal to make:
1. Cut squash and take out seeds.  I use an ice cream scoop, because it's way easier to get all the seedy mess out.
2. Rub some EVOO on squash and put EVOOed side down.  Bake at 425 for 40 mins.
3. Take out and cool.  I turned them over just to take a picture so you could see the golden goodness. 
4.  Take a fork and run it through the squash and you get lovely looking noodle strands.  
5. Eat it all up!!

Today: I had a tummy check.  Max sat nicely and played his leap pad.  I called his name to take a picture of him, and the look he gave me...he wasn't impressed.   In each room they have a mural on the wall.  This is our second time in this room, and Max loves the trees.  He talked all about them and orange color of the leafs. The bump is measuring right on track and Little Miss's heartbeat was 150.  The doctor, Dr.D, another new face to me was wonderful.  I go back in two weeks!!  

Hope you had an awesome, fun filled and relaxing weekend.  :)

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  1. absolutely LOVE hearing how Baby Mater is doing. Seriously, I am never going to get over this, and when Gary and I have a kid I think you'll be calling ours Mater too. hahaha

    1. Haha! Max has moved on to calling her Mr. Baby. :)