1.  Max's bathroom is elephants, and in those frames were pictures of flowers that did not match at all.  I found these printables off Pinterest (of course) and put them up.  Ian's comments about me finally changing them, "Ummm are you telling guests what they are suppose to do in the bathroom?"  Hello husband, this is art. 
2.  I made the Williams-Sonoma concoction floating around (you guess it!) Pinterest to make the house smell amazingly good for our weekend visitors.  It's a subtle smell that slowing takes over each room.  Smells pretty darn good. 
3.  I made cranberry orange muffins for our guests for breakfast on Saturday.  
4.  I may have tried 1 or 2 to make sure they tasted good for our guests.  Delish people! 
5.  We met up with Laura, Maddi, and Nolan at the Outlets to do a little shopping.  Max and Maddi rode in the airplane, and by Max's expression and holding of the handle you can tell he thought it was fun.   I couldn't stop laughing at him, because the boy was so stiff, he would not loosen his grip.  He was going to make sure he didn't fall out of the plane. 
6.  Max had so much fun with Lisa.  She was showing him a shield, which he loved.  When our guests left he kept asking for them last night.  Too cute. 
7.  Max picked that adorable outfit for his sister, Mr. Baby.   Yes, Mr. Baby.   I asked him if he wanted to name his sister insert name, and he said, "No, no insert name.  Mr. Baby!"

We had a wonderful weekend that went by too fast.  I feel like I need a day to recover from our fun-filled weekend.  Oh, and the Coyotes won Saturday which is always awesome.  Shane Doan scored a goal.  Max asked, "Shane Doan scored a goal?"  So I told him yes, and he said, "Ohhhh Shane Doan scored a goal!!"  We had the exact conversation about a million times Saturday night.  

Hope you all had an awesome weekend!!  

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  1. So funny how the husbands never seem to get that it is "art"!!!

    I love that he is calling the baby "Mr. Baby"!! Hilarious!

    That dress is too cute by the way! I am trying not to buy much for our little lady on the way...seems everyone else is buying things for us instead!

    1. Congrats on your little lady on the way!! When are you due? Shopping for her has been So.Fun. The husband also doesn't know the extent of my shopping love. :)