35 Weeks

Technically I'm 35 weeks and a whopping 1 day, but who is counting?  ME.  4 weeks 6 days to go.  I was going to try and be happy and use exclamations, but who am I kidding.  I'm tired people.  I hurt.  My feet have disappeared when I look down.  Putting my shoes on has become a comedy act for Max who thinks it's hilarious.  He also likes to tell me, "Mommy, you have big belly."  You don't say Max.  Thanks for the daily reminder kid.  Maybe there's another car wash in his future...kidding.  Kinda.   I love how when I tell women I'm 35 weeks pregnant, they get me.  They are compassionate and feel my uncomfortable unhappiness with being big.  Men...not so much.  They don't get it.   You women get me.  Thank you.  Everything is going to be okay. is running through my head on repeat these days.  Oh, and I know I wore the same shirt last week.  Well I didn't realize until I posted the picture on Instagram, but I'm just going to pretend that I did it on purpose so you can compare the bump.  Have fun. 

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  1. I understand the shoe thing... My little boy tries to help me put on my shoes! Good luck with the final weeks of pregnancy.

    1. I need to buy flip flops that fit my swollen feet and make my life easier!(and not so funny)

      :) Thanks! Only 4 weeks 1 day!

  2. You look great! Just try to relax and enjoy the end of the ride :)