Bag of Sunshine

Saturday: Started off bright and early for Ian.  He ran in Pat's Run which is a 4.2 mile run to honor Pat Tillman.  He ran it in 34:12! So proud of him!!

Then the rest of the day revolved around hockey.  We took Max skating at the arena.   By "we" I mean Ian, because I wasn't about to get on the ice.  Ian got Max a new hockey stick so it lived in Max's hands all day. He always has so much fun skating and has the most cheesy grin on his face the entire time.  What can I say?  The boy loves hockey.

Ian played in a hockey game afterwards, so we were able to watch him.  I couldn't tell which one was Ian because they all look the same on the ice.  Once we figured out which one he was, Max kept a close eye on him.  He was banging the glass and yelling.  I could watch Max, watch Ian play hockey all day.

Once we got home the Yotes were on tv, so we of course watched them.  Max of course played hockey while watching hockey.  We won in OT in a SO.  Good stuff people.   The playoff dream is still alive....barely.

Max wouldn't put his new hockey stick down, or take his eyes of his Daddy.

My loves. 

Max was so excited to put on his skates, and even more excited to walk through the tunnel!
Once he hit the ice he was practicing his hockey skills.

Posing with his new stick.  Look at that face. 

Sunday: I wasn't feeling so well.  I can't remember which weekly bump update I said I was enjoying this pregnancy.  I'll say this past week, I'm done.  I'm over it.  I want her in my arms, not stretching like a yoga pro in my belly.  I'm full of complaints and could go on and on.  I'm also super emotional, which means crying for stupid reasons.  I'm a bag of sunshine folks.   I'm ready for the week ahead of us.  We have a fun playdate with K planned for tomorrow, hockey Wednesday and Friday, Rib Fest, Community Garage Sale (we've been saying we're going to have a garage sale for the past 5 years...now we have no excuse!) and hopefully somewhere in there I'll sleep.  During the day-flippin tired.  During the night-wide awake.  Doesn't make sense at all.  Oh, there I go back to my bag of sunshine.  I'll stop.  I'll try and be more happy. 

We went for a lovely walk yesterday, and then ended it with playing baseball.  Well, Ian and Max played baseball and I was the momarazzi.  I also got attacked by red ants.  I didn't know they had ownership of a large rock that I had called my own.  I won't mess with them again....

The expression on his face kills me.  He had so much fun!

Hope you all had a great weekend!!

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  1. Such a handsome little boy!

  2. He is adorable! I love the hockey pose, and the photo of Max up against the glass.

    I am sorry you are sore and tired but can't sleep. I hope this weekend you can get some rest.