Car Wash Horror

 Ian's car needed a good cleaning so off to the car wash we went.  At first Max was excited, laughing, loving life.  Then the water hit the car and it turned to horror, shaking, and thinking the end of the world was coming.  I stopped taking pictures once he got super scared, because even though I'm sure they would have been awesome pictures, my poor kid was beyond traumatized.  I may have laughed a little, but when he started shaking because he was so scared, I felt really bad.

We went to the Bon Jovi concert on Tuesday.  He tells the screaming crowd how he's been doing this for 30 years.  Umm...I'm 30 years old.  You could imagine how many songs I knew.  I know it's Bon Jovi, but really I knew the two songs that were popular when I was in high school, and then a couple of his major hits.  Let's just say by 9:30 I was ready to leave.  It was hot, he was playing slow songs, and I was falling asleep. I'm so wild right now.  

Yesterday we had a fun day with K.  We started off at the Outlet Stores where they have an awesome little playground for the kiddos to play.  Wetzels Pretzels also happens to be there and I'm in love with those Wetzel Bitz, so we were all happy campers.  The kiddos played for about an hour, and then we went across to Westgate to play on the splash pad.  On our way we passed a huge picture of Mike Smith and Max freaked out.  He was so excited to take a picture with "Biiiiig Mike Sniff!"

The splash pad was a major hit.  K and Max were in water heaven.  When it was time to leave Max was pissed and was telling me, "I NOT go home!"  There were tears, swipes at the air, and mumbles of angry toddler badwords thrown at me, but we made it to the car safely.

I know yesterday was Bump Update day, but I forgot to take a picture.  I will later today and try not to complain too much about being 35 weeks pregnant.  Life in our household was busy, but it just got a million times more hectic (I'll share in due time) and my stress level is out the roof.  I just started singing "The roof! The roof! The roof is on fire!"  I'm not even sure that's how the song goes, but I'm going to pretend it does.... My family is coming to visit this weekend.  Super duper freakin excited.

Until the bump pic, in a few hours, hope your day is great.

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  1. Poor little guy! I was traumatized by car washes as a child too. To this day, I still hate them and have NEVER taken my car through one.

    1. Yeah....I don't think we'll take him in one again. Poor guy.