Dance Party

Just a post about my favorite little man and his cuteness.
  • We had a dance party in the car until it was time for Storytime at the library.  Yes, my windows are that dirty.  There was a dust storm yesterday and it made my car look oh so pretty.   Max has "moves like Jagger", except he's way cuter than Mick Jagger.
  • Ian went shopping yesterday and brought me back something he knew I would love!
  • The mayor kicked us out of our normal room for storytime.  Apparently a meeting about the budget is way more important than a story about a hungry caterpillar.  I don't think the toddlers agreed.  
  • The kid doesn't need toys.  Give him a blanket and he can entertain himself...and make me laugh for hours.  Well, not really hours, but at least 30 minutes. 
At this very moment he has gone back to his nudest ways and stripped off his clothes to play hockey.  Pure entertainment 24/7.  I love this kid. 

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