Easter Weekend

Friday: I took this picture to send to my Mom, and it hit me how grown up Max looks.  My friend had her baby and when I saw K with her new baby sister she looks so much more grown up.  I know that's how it's going to be once our baby girl gets here and Max holds her for the first time.  

Saturday: We had some family fun with decorating eggs.  I love how serious Max gets when decorating, whether it be a gingerbread house or eggs.  He always has a look on his face that lets you know he's taking it seriously.  

I was so excited putting his Easter Basket together. 

Sunday: The Easter Bunny hid his baskets and Max had to find them.  It was so funny how he emptied the baskets and nicely put the items on the floor. 

Max was beyond excited hunting for eggs.  He'd find one and then say, "Hmmm....where it be?"  It was ridiculously cute.  He'd just throw his eggs into his bucket though so all the hard boiled eggs are cracked.  Such a boy.   Ian and I couldn't stop smiling.  Celebrating holidays with kiddos is so fun.

Today:  I know Monday isn't considered the weekend, but today Max and I went to the outlet stores.  They have a really nice playground and we had it to ourselves.  We grabbed some Wetzels Pretzels and went to play.   I also had a tummy check this morning and all is good.  Baby girl is super active.  I asked Dr. B if 37 was the magic number.  I so plan on started jumping jacks the minute I turn 37 weeks.  She asked if I had gone early with Max and I had gone into labor at 35 weeks, but they stopped it.  She said this time around if I went early, they wouldn't stop my labor.  Good to know...but jumping jacks seriously won't start for another 5 weeks and 2 days.  :)

Sidenote: I'm not a fan of April Fool's Day, but 7 years ago today I met Ian.  (Awwww)  

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