Family Weekend

This weekend was a great one.  We didn't really do much, but we spent some quality family time together, and it was perfect. 

Saturday: We hung out all morning.  Ian wasn't feeling so well so Max and I went to Target to get him some meds and items for soup with grilled cheese.  While I was there I had to stop by the pharmacy to pick up my prenatal vitamins.  The pharmacist is really nice, and we had a lovely conversation.  It went something like this:

Pharmacist: I haven't seen you in awhile.  When are you due?
Me: Next month.
Amazing Pharmacist: Really?  You look really small to be due next month!
Me: I love you.

I totally meant it.  We laughed about it, but I was like, "No seriously. I love you."  People always like to point out how big the belly is, so when I hear the opposite (because I feel super ginormous right now) I get a cheesy grin on my face and want to hug that person and become instant bffs.

After we got home from our favorite store I started to have BH contractions.  I was having them every 10 minutes for little less than a minute each time.  They were painful.  Then they stopped.  I'm only 32 weeks, so I'd like her to cook in my oven for a little while longer.   I felt weird afterwards though.  We went to the hockey game and I just had a feeling that my water is so going to break while I'm at a hockey game.  Could you imagine?!  I would die.  Let's hope that doesn't happen!

It was an awesome game and they gave out hats to the fans.  Max wanted to wear his and he looked so cute.  He was pumped that Mike Smith was back in goal.  He knew he was out with an owie, so when they said his name he gasped in shock and yelled, "Nike Sniff!"  He also told me before the game that Shane Doan was going to score a goal, and he did.  Our boys beat the Avalanche 4-0. 

Sunday:  Today has been a quiet day.  We had family time this morning.  Max likes to watch Ian
play his hockey game while he plays hockey in front of us.  He'll get into his goalie pose and tell us, "I'm Nike Sniff!"  He also started a fight with himself and was trying to take off his shirt like the hockey players do to the jersey of the guy they are fighting.   It was hilarious.   Now he naps, Ian's playing golf, and I'm watching rerun episodes of G&B.  Great day so far.

Update: We spent the afternoon outside playing baseball with neighbors, and riding his scooter.  It was super cute to watch him play catch with the little girl.  He throws it pretty well so the little girl was shocked.  They told him he could play a game with them when "he's like 6 or something."

Hope you all had an awesome weekend!!

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