Happy Dance

Today was my dreaded eye doctor appointment.  I never know what to expect anymore.  I think my eyes are a-ok, and he tells me there's major inflammation in my good eye.  That was last appointment.  I had to put 6 drops of pred forte into my good eye every day and 3 drops in my left eye.  Doesn't sound too bad, but keep in mind I've been putting drops in my eyes for the past 8 years.  It gets old, and I plain hate it.  Plus, every time I go see Dr. B (who I love), I never have the same tech and so I have to go over my eye history every time. Every time.   Do they not have to read my file before they call me back?  There is this one test where I have to look at a black dot on  graph paper (easiest way to explain it) and the lines are suppose to look normal.  With my good eye-normal, with my left eye- the lines look like stairs.  Apparently if they aren't normal they are suppose to be wavy or blurred, not stairlike.   Sorry tech, they look like darn stairs.  Oh and when I told her I had inflammation in both eyes, she was shocked.  Shocked!  She's only ever had it in one eye at a time.  High five lady, aren't you special.  Rant over.

So today I dreaded going to see Dr. B.  I wanted good news.  For the past 6 weeks I didn't have meat (boo, because baby girl has me craving cheeseburgers), and put drop after drop.  Guess what?  The inflammation in my good eye is GONE.  Happy Dance!!  He said there was just a tiny bit in my left eye (aka bad eye), but he was super happy.  I have to go back once I've had the baby, but I am happy.  As much as I find not eating meat to be hard, and I drool over some of the food Ian eats, and maybe give the evil I because I just.want.to.eat.meat.  I'll take no inflammation any time. Happy dance, happy dance, HAPPY DANCE!

I'm exhausted after all that happy dancing, and must squeeze in a nap before Max wakes up.  I leave you with a cute picture of my little watercolor artist.

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