Today I'm linking up with Kaitlyn over at Wifessionals and talking about registering for your little bundle of joy.  This time around Ian and I didn't register for our little gal.  My mom was going to throw a tiny babyshower for me in LC, but just thinking about it stressed me out.  I don't like being center of attention, and I remember at my babyshower with Max I was a sweaty mess.   You can read about our registering adventure for Max HERE. (I barely even talk about registering, but there's a cute picture of Ian scanning things. :))
My one piece of advice that I have for first time mamas would be when registering for the big items: carseat, pack n' play, stroller, etc be gender neutral.  Ian and I were so excited when we found out we were having a boy, all our big items are blue and boyish.    We never thought about baby #2 because baby #1 wasn't born yet.   Now that we're having a girl, I really wish we would have thought about that when we were going scan crazy with the scanner gun. (that scanner gun is fun!)
Some fixes to our big items that scream BOY.  I bought a carseat cover off of ebay for $16.  So now our carseat screams GIRL.  The boppy we registered for was baby blue with trains all over it.  Super cute for a boy.  I purchased a boppy slip cover at Target that's girly.  
Boppy that is like brand new with a new slip cover!
Closet of clothes for baby girl waiting to be worn.
Diaper bag that is packed and ready!
Carseat that now screams girl.
Another thing.  Have FUN while registering.
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  1. Anonymous4/05/2013

    Thanks for the gender neutral advice!!!

    1. You and Jennifer came up with a great series for a blog linkup!

  2. I agree about the gender neutral. So glad we did that before V was born.

    Yes the scanner gun is loads of fun. Makes it feel more real than registering online.

    1. Plus the beep it made. Haha! I let Ian have fun with it when we registered.