Due Date

Well hello there due date.  I didn't think I would actually get to my due date.   I was so sure that she was going to come early, but I guess when I said those words out loud I jinxed myself.   That, or maybe God was just waiting for us to get settled here in WA.  Well...we're settled.  I'm ready.  We're ready.  Everyone is ready.

A couple nights ago Ian even prepared the meal I had the night my water broke with Max.  I've had pineapple juice to last me a life time.  I walk up and down the steps during the day.  I've done numerous jumping jacks.  I tell baby girl that life on the outside isn't all so bad and that she'll like it.  Bottom line is she's just not ready.  Bottom line is that each day that passes she's getting bigger, and I'm getting more scared.

My app on my phone doesn't even go passed 40 weeks.  See, even the app knows she should be here by now.  I think Max thinks I'm telling him lies when I say his sister is coming soon.  We've been telling him that for weeks, and still no sister in the flesh to show for it.   One of my friends is having a baby girl in early June, and I told her if she has her daughter before I have mine I'm going to be pissed.  I was half joking.

In all seriousness though, I don't feel miserable.  I'm actually feeling really good.  I'm just ready to meet our baby girl, and hopefully she wants to meet us soon.  Like later on today....

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40w6d Appointment?!!?

Today I had an appointment with Dr. E, who I'm not very fond of. My appointment got pushed back from 11:15 to 11:45 because (shocker) she was running late. We actually didn't get taken back until 12:45 and then good ole Dr. E comes in about 10 minutes later. 

Magically I went from 1.5 cm dilated to a whopping 1 cm.  I asked about being induced and she didn't want to speak of it until I see her again NEXT week.  I'll be flippin 40w6d at that appointment. Holy hell I'm not a happy camper. 

Maybe this doctor is old school (she is old), but I wish I was seeing Dr. S.  I'm thankful I only have to see her at most two more times, and then never again. 

40w6d....never thought I'd say that. Seriously hope baby girl cuts me some slack here and makes her debut before next Tuesday.   Though last night it seemed like she was crawling higher, making it clear she doesn't want out. 

Me before my appointment when I was looking for some happy news.  


Still Pregnant

No sign of her wanting out....none, zip, zero, nada.  She wants to stay put forever.  


39 weeks

And one day...
Yeah I'm still pregnant and telling baby girl sweet nothings to get her out. So far she's not interested.  I'll admit I have yet to do one jumping jack.  Maybe tonight...maybe. 

Today Max and I were able to play tourists and go around Seattle with our lovely friends Brenda, Spencer and their sweet daughter S.  she's 5 months old and Max isn't sure of her yet, but he likes her Sophie the Giraffe teething toy. 

We went to Pike Place Market...is that the correct calling of it? I always want to add a Peak in there.  Anyway, we had been there before, but I love it there. Love.  We tried chocolate pasta. Umm hello best invention ever.  Even Max said, "Ohhhh yummy yummy!" 

Then we went to Fremont Street to some sandwich place that was beyond good. It was a happening place with a line of sandwich lovers.  I'm not sure if you call it Fremont  Street or just Fremont.  I'm still in tourist mode. When I feel more comfortable here, in local mode, I'll type like I know what I'm talking about. 

Our last stop was checking out the creepy Fremont Troll. Max had read a book with Kaylee while in San Jose about Seattle, and it talked about the troll.  Max was kind of scared of it, but I didn't blame him. The thing is creepy.  

See?  Scary for a two year old. 

We've had so much fun today, and the day is not over. 

Happy almost Friday!  Say a nice prayer that baby girl makes her debut soon.  As in the month of May not June. (Ha! I didn't mean to rhyme.) 


June Baby?

I had a tummy check appointment this morning.  This is my second time seeing Dr. E and both times she's "running late". Umm yeah we had to wait for over an hour and let's just say Max wasn't impressed. He turned into MadMax and was determined to cause trouble. He thought he was the doctor and could look in the drawers, play with the light, and bang on the key board.  I probably would have been the same way if I were two, hungry, and just wanted to hear my little sister's heartbeat. 

The good doctor walks in mid banging of key board and Max jumped into his seat so fast. I was impressed with his quickness.  She listened to baby girl's heartbeat, a strong 144 bpm.  Then she also checked me, and I was thinking positive thoughts like 3 maybe 4 cm dilated.  Then she says, "ohhh you're 1.5 cm dilated!"  Uh, that's it?  She was so chipper you would have thought she was telling me I was 10cm.  I have to schedule an appointment for next week, which I hope I won't make it to.  Dr. E even joked that I could have a June baby.  Not funny lady.  She must have seen the look of terror on my face and then said, "or you could be in labor tonight! You never know!"

Guess we'll find out soon enough! 



Max and I attended our first Sounders match. I wasn't sure what to expect or if we'd even like it. We're a hockey family after all.  I totally stood out in my pink and white striped shirt. I'd say 99% of the people wear Sounders gear. 

Max and I got matching tattoos to show some Sounders pride.  I even had on a scarf that didn't go with my stripes and I'm sure the true fans could tell this was our first match. 

Surprise, surprise we LOVED the entire experience. The atmosphere and fans are crazy intense.  Most stand for the entire game. Thank goodness where our seats are people stay seated.  There was no way I was standing the entire game. 

I was kind of surprised to see the players flop around and act hurt. One player did leave the game because he was bleeding from his face because he took an elbow. We saw a player get ejected (the elbow thrower), and 4 goals from the Sounders.  Crazy to think that next game we go to I'll have TWO kiddos in tow with me. I need to 1) buy Sounders gear to wear so I look like I belong and 2) I need to learn soccer terms.  I do miss my Yotes though...


Dish Soap

So today I learned that dish soap in your eye burns like a mother effer.  I was washing a dish and somehow I managed to get a splash of soap right into my good eye. Holy hell...the burn. Terrible. Washing dishes is dangerous.  Never again. 

I know I said I wouldn't post more pictures of our view of Lake Washington, but we went for a walk by the lake and it was so beautiful. Super peaceful, and it was our family of 3.  Any day now we'll be a family of 4, so these moments with Max are special.  He loved the ducks and quacked up a storm.  He was not happy to leave and the quacks turned to crying. 

I'm looking forward to our weekend and maybe getting rid of some of these boxes. Less boxes means it feels more like home.  I want it to feel like home, because I have to say I'm a tad bit homesick for AZ. Not the weather. I'm just missing our home, playdates with K and Leslie, and game nights with my faves.  

Oh and I thought I had ruined baby girls's diaper bag when bleach leaked on it. This pregnancy is bringing the cray cray out of me.  I was a sobbing mess and I looked at it today and its not even that bad. 

Happy Friday!



We moved into our "new home" as Max calls it. It's a townhome that has a gorgeous view of Lake Washington. It's super close to Ian's work, which is nice incase I need the car or when he has to rush home because baby girl is ready to make her debut!   I have to say being this pregnant and climbing up and down stairs is killer. I feel like I've worked out super hard, and sadly that's not the case! 

Seriously love this view. I keep finding myself taking pictures.  I promise I won't keep posting, but seriously I. Love. This. View. 

I unpacked a bazillion boxes yesterday, all while 38 weeks pregnant and this guy has the nerve to tell me, "I tired Mommy." Umm right.  Playing with cars while I do all the work is sooo tiring.  Not buying it mister. 

We went to check out the playground in our complex. It's more suitable for bigger kids, but there is a slide. We all know how Max feels about slides.  So needless to say he was in slide heaven and went down that sucker at least 10 times.  I think we'll be visiting that slide on a daily basis. 

38 flippin weeks!  (And one day). I went to the dr yesterday and met Dr. E. She was a nice older lady. She wouldn't check to see if I was dilated which bummed me out.  Max gave quite a first impression with yelling and acting nonMax like.   He likes to go limp and fall to the ground as I'm holding his hand walking. It's awesome. I almost fell down with him, but we were at the hospital so I wasn't too worried if something happened.  I got him back though by not letting him push the "backmater" button. He means elevator and I have no clue why he calls it "backmater", but it's so funny.   

Hope your week is going by fabulously. I can't believe tomorrow is Friday.  Days are flying by!  13 days (or less. I'm thinking  positively) until we meet our baby girl!! 


Park & Pool Fun

Yesterday we took Max to the park to run wild for awhile and just play.  Poor kid has been so cooped up in the hotel.  He had so much fun.   Fingers crossed, this is the park that is within walking distance to our new home.  It's an awesome park that has trails for walking/running.  I saw a lot of mommies out pushing strollers.  I can already see Ian taking off for a run (He wants to do another half marathon coming up in June) while me and the kiddos take a nice slooowww walk and then go play.  

We're at a hotel that has an indoor pool. Thank goodness, because the last place had a pool and we got Max so excited about swimming.  Then we found out it was an outdoor pool, and it was closed.  Fail.  At first he wasn't too excited about swimming, but after a few seconds he warmed up and had a blast.   

Today was Ian's first day at his new job, so Max and I are hanging out here in the hotel.  I've used the, "If you want to go swimming with Daddy, you need to be a good boy." line a couple times today.  It's working, so I'll use it as many times as I have to. :) 

Happy Monday!

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Mom Memories

In honor of Mother's Day I thought I would share some of my favorite memories with my mom.

(in no particular order)

  • When we lived in Vaughn we would take day trips to Albuquerque to do grocery shopping and what not.  We always made the best of those trips.  Going out for lunch, movies, just spending the whole day with my mom was awesome.
  • When I was in like 3rd or 4th grade my Mom let me pick a new bed.  I picked bunk beds.  I was an only child at the time, so naturally I would want bunk beds.   I can still remember the day it was delivered, and how excited I was.  My Mom was pretty cool to let me pick my own bed...as weird as my picking was. :)
  • We always went to church, and I would play with gloves and scarves.  I would put the gloves inside the scarf and pretend it was a baby.  I also would pretend my Mom's hand was a baby....I had an awesome imagination. (Obviously this is when I was younger.  I wasn't like 10 doing this while in church.)
  • In school I had written a story about a monkey in a grocery store, and my Mom was laughing as she read my story.  She was laughing so hard it turned into the cry laugh and I panicked.  I asked her if I should call 911.  Little did I know my writing was just that funny. 
  • After a snow storm we were walking to my Grandma Molly's apartment and the snow drifts were so high it was hard for little old me to walk through them.  I was afraid we were going to get stuck, and again wanted to call for help.  I'm pretty sure my Mom was laughing at me, but I guess I tended to worry a lot when I was younger. 
  • She's probably going to kill me for sharing this story, but when my Mom had gotten some sort of attachment on her braces she was talking with a lisp.  We went to McDonald's after her appointment and she was trying to order me a cheeseburger, only she couldn't say it right.  I was dying laughing in the car.  I still laugh when I think about it, and I'm pretty sure I got into trouble for all my laughing. 
A friend made a comment on Facebook about how when we're younger we can't wait to grow-up and leave home, and then once we're grown-up we can't wait to go back home.  I couldn't agree more.  I was so ready to go off to college, and once my family drove away and left me there I just wanted to go back home. Then I moved to AZ for a job, and when my family drove away, I wanted to go back home.  I find it really hard to be away from my family, but especially my Mom.  I think growing up with it being just me and her for  most of my childhood, she wasn't only my Mom but one of my best friends.  Even to this day I can talk to her about anything...well almost.  I drew the line at 50 Shades of Grey once I knew what it was about. 

Now that we're living in WA, I find myself really, really missing my Mom.  (Keep in mind we've only been here since Wednesday.  I'm a total mama's girl.)  

Happy Mother's Day.  I love you.  Thank you for always being not only a great Mom, but a great best friend and role model.  I'm so glad Max and baby girl have you as their Grandma.  I super hate that I live farther away from you, but I know you're only a phone call, Skype chat, flight away.  So plan on a flight to come visit me soon...like tomorrow.  I hope your day is special, because you are the BEST Mom. 

We need more recent pictures....

To all you soon to be Mamas, and those who are Mommy's: HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY. 

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Crazy Life

Life is a tad bit crazy right now, so I leave you with pictures! 
Light house!
Checking out the sand dunes.
On your mark, get set, GO!
Resting, catching up on some reading. 
37 weeks pregnant...enough said. 


Redwood Forest

Today it was all about ginormous, beautiful, trees. I could not get over the beauty. Such a lovely day.

Max has told us several times he wants to go home. Break my heart. Major changes for this kiddo. He's been awesome on our adventure so far and I'm hoping his awesomeness continues.


Full House

Our adventure brought us to San Jose today to visit with our friends: Kat, Shiloh and their awesome daughter, Kaylee. We took a quick trip up to San Fransico, which I was super excited about because I've never been there before. The minute I saw the Golden Gate Bridge I started humming the theme song to Full House. Seeing it in person was amazing! Max was impressed with the "big bridge".

We also walked along the beach which him and Kaylee loved. We saw so many dogs, one that even looked like a bear...it was that huge. Max got a kick out of a dog that shook off the water to dry himself.

It was a great day that ended with Kaylee and Max being "wild things" and us adults laughing hysterically. Tomorrow we're off to see some big trees.


Moving Day

Today is the day we said goodbye to our first home. All our belongings were packed into a huge truck. Max was able to sit in the front seat and pull the blow horn. He was a huge fan of the truck, but the loudness of the horn scared the crap out of him.

Max and I left for awhile to go take K her bday gift. Talk about tough goodbye. It's so sad because Max has no idea he won't see K for awhile. He was a grumpy mess who refused to say goodbye. K and her family are some of my favorite people and Leslie has become one of my bffs. Super sad.

By the time we got home most of our stuff was packed. We did a final walk through and all sorts of memories came back. I remembered why we bought this house, our first Christmas, bringing Max home from the hospital, celebrating his first bday, our dance parties to Just Dance 3, laughter that filled our home....a home I will miss.

Now onto a new adventure!


Dear Arizona,
I've lived here for almost 8 years, and I had no idea what you had in store for me.  Within the first two weeks, I started my first year teaching, had my retina detach, and questioned why the heck I moved away from my family in NM.  I was not a fan of you when I first moved here.  Somehow though I made it through that first year, and let me tell you it was rough.  I also met a boy who made it a little easier. :)

With all the ups and downs I've had while living in this hot state, I'm going to miss living here.  I met my husband here, Max was born here, (we only have two days left here but baby girl could be born here), I taught 7 years, we've met amazing people here, I fell in love with a hockey team...well with hockey in general ( I do love Doaner and Biz!), and we've made memories that will last a lifetime.

I can't say that I'll miss the heat during the summer.  No, I can say with 100% certainty that I WILL NOT miss the heat.  Being pregnant in the heat is not fun.  

We made great friends here and I could call you all out one by one and say something mushy about you, but I'll refrain.   Just know that YOU made living in AZ pretty darn great, and I'm going to miss you.

K, Max is going to miss you the most.  He may only be 2 (almost 3 in 3 short months), but he knows that you are his BFF.   He's going to miss going to the park with you, reading books, sitting in his wagon and having serious conversations, playing hockey, dancing, and laughing with you.

So Arizona, thanks for 8 great years of memories.

The day my family helped me move into my first apartment
Catching a DBacks game with my then boyfriend.

Ian in his early days working for the Coyote.
My favoritest  hockey player.
Tailgating before the Steelers took on the Cardinals. 
Ian gave us a tour of the arena back in 2008.
Beachy Halloween Bash

The day we became a family of 3!
Max's very first hockey game!


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36 Weeks

FOUR weeks to go!!  Woot woot! 

There hasn't really been much change this week.  Today I'm actually in a lovely mood (no stress, no tears, just happy.)  Baby girl is still doing yoga, kickboxing, and dancing at full force.  She's supposedly getting cramped in there, but her movement shows no sign of that what so ever.  I'm getting exhausted super easily these days and naptime is my favorite.  I also started eating Tums like they are candy.  I think Max thinks they actually are candy, but I make a big deal about how gross they are...even though they are the smoothie flavored kind and taste so good.  

Today our friends Laura, Maddi, and Nolan came over for a quick visit.  Laura gave me some cloth diaper goodies.  I plan on using them this time around, and I am a total newbie who knows nothing about them.  So we'll see how our cloth diaper adventure goes.  They also brought baby girl a cute outfit appropriate for the weather in WA.  I've only been buying her summer clothes, because it gets ridiculously hot here in AZ during the summer.  Poor girl is going to be freezing in her clothes, and people will probably think I have no idea how to dress my child.   I see little cardigans in her future.   More reason to shop! 

I can't believe how close we are to meeting her, and how close you people are to finally knowing her name! Ahh!!  Exciting!!!   <--- :="" and="" at="" exclamations="" feeling="" good="" happy.="" i="" in="" know="" look="" m="" nbsp="" ow="" p="" post.="" that="" this="" you="">

Happy Wednesday to you!  

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