36 Weeks

FOUR weeks to go!!  Woot woot! 

There hasn't really been much change this week.  Today I'm actually in a lovely mood (no stress, no tears, just happy.)  Baby girl is still doing yoga, kickboxing, and dancing at full force.  She's supposedly getting cramped in there, but her movement shows no sign of that what so ever.  I'm getting exhausted super easily these days and naptime is my favorite.  I also started eating Tums like they are candy.  I think Max thinks they actually are candy, but I make a big deal about how gross they are...even though they are the smoothie flavored kind and taste so good.  

Today our friends Laura, Maddi, and Nolan came over for a quick visit.  Laura gave me some cloth diaper goodies.  I plan on using them this time around, and I am a total newbie who knows nothing about them.  So we'll see how our cloth diaper adventure goes.  They also brought baby girl a cute outfit appropriate for the weather in WA.  I've only been buying her summer clothes, because it gets ridiculously hot here in AZ during the summer.  Poor girl is going to be freezing in her clothes, and people will probably think I have no idea how to dress my child.   I see little cardigans in her future.   More reason to shop! 

I can't believe how close we are to meeting her, and how close you people are to finally knowing her name! Ahh!!  Exciting!!!   <--- :="" and="" at="" exclamations="" feeling="" good="" happy.="" i="" in="" know="" look="" m="" nbsp="" ow="" p="" post.="" that="" this="" you="">

Happy Wednesday to you!  

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  1. Only 4 weeks to go - my goodness so exciting! Alice x

  2. Only four weeks?! I'm two weeks behind you & I'm having a girl too! I bet you're super excited I know I am!