39 weeks

And one day...
Yeah I'm still pregnant and telling baby girl sweet nothings to get her out. So far she's not interested.  I'll admit I have yet to do one jumping jack.  Maybe tonight...maybe. 

Today Max and I were able to play tourists and go around Seattle with our lovely friends Brenda, Spencer and their sweet daughter S.  she's 5 months old and Max isn't sure of her yet, but he likes her Sophie the Giraffe teething toy. 

We went to Pike Place Market...is that the correct calling of it? I always want to add a Peak in there.  Anyway, we had been there before, but I love it there. Love.  We tried chocolate pasta. Umm hello best invention ever.  Even Max said, "Ohhhh yummy yummy!" 

Then we went to Fremont Street to some sandwich place that was beyond good. It was a happening place with a line of sandwich lovers.  I'm not sure if you call it Fremont  Street or just Fremont.  I'm still in tourist mode. When I feel more comfortable here, in local mode, I'll type like I know what I'm talking about. 

Our last stop was checking out the creepy Fremont Troll. Max had read a book with Kaylee while in San Jose about Seattle, and it talked about the troll.  Max was kind of scared of it, but I didn't blame him. The thing is creepy.  

See?  Scary for a two year old. 

We've had so much fun today, and the day is not over. 

Happy almost Friday!  Say a nice prayer that baby girl makes her debut soon.  As in the month of May not June. (Ha! I didn't mean to rhyme.) 


  1. Chocolate pasta?! WHAT IN THE WORLD?! I have definitely been missing out. ;)

    1. We asked what you serve it with and the lady said ice cream and strawberries. Dessert pasta?! Sold!

  2. Not long now - so exciting!

    I would love to see you - if you can make it - at this week's Friday Baby Shower party, Alice x