Dish Soap

So today I learned that dish soap in your eye burns like a mother effer.  I was washing a dish and somehow I managed to get a splash of soap right into my good eye. Holy hell...the burn. Terrible. Washing dishes is dangerous.  Never again. 

I know I said I wouldn't post more pictures of our view of Lake Washington, but we went for a walk by the lake and it was so beautiful. Super peaceful, and it was our family of 3.  Any day now we'll be a family of 4, so these moments with Max are special.  He loved the ducks and quacked up a storm.  He was not happy to leave and the quacks turned to crying. 

I'm looking forward to our weekend and maybe getting rid of some of these boxes. Less boxes means it feels more like home.  I want it to feel like home, because I have to say I'm a tad bit homesick for AZ. Not the weather. I'm just missing our home, playdates with K and Leslie, and game nights with my faves.  

Oh and I thought I had ruined baby girls's diaper bag when bleach leaked on it. This pregnancy is bringing the cray cray out of me.  I was a sobbing mess and I looked at it today and its not even that bad. 

Happy Friday!

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  1. Beautiful lake!! You are so lucky to live so close!