We moved into our "new home" as Max calls it. It's a townhome that has a gorgeous view of Lake Washington. It's super close to Ian's work, which is nice incase I need the car or when he has to rush home because baby girl is ready to make her debut!   I have to say being this pregnant and climbing up and down stairs is killer. I feel like I've worked out super hard, and sadly that's not the case! 

Seriously love this view. I keep finding myself taking pictures.  I promise I won't keep posting, but seriously I. Love. This. View. 

I unpacked a bazillion boxes yesterday, all while 38 weeks pregnant and this guy has the nerve to tell me, "I tired Mommy." Umm right.  Playing with cars while I do all the work is sooo tiring.  Not buying it mister. 

We went to check out the playground in our complex. It's more suitable for bigger kids, but there is a slide. We all know how Max feels about slides.  So needless to say he was in slide heaven and went down that sucker at least 10 times.  I think we'll be visiting that slide on a daily basis. 

38 flippin weeks!  (And one day). I went to the dr yesterday and met Dr. E. She was a nice older lady. She wouldn't check to see if I was dilated which bummed me out.  Max gave quite a first impression with yelling and acting nonMax like.   He likes to go limp and fall to the ground as I'm holding his hand walking. It's awesome. I almost fell down with him, but we were at the hospital so I wasn't too worried if something happened.  I got him back though by not letting him push the "backmater" button. He means elevator and I have no clue why he calls it "backmater", but it's so funny.   

Hope your week is going by fabulously. I can't believe tomorrow is Friday.  Days are flying by!  13 days (or less. I'm thinking  positively) until we meet our baby girl!! 


  1. So close! I've been following your blog/pregnancy, since you're about 2 weeks ahead of me and it's fun to see the progression of things coming my way :) I live on the East side of the Seattle area, and can tell you that the parks around Lake Washington are so fun to hang out at, during the summer! Super jealous of your view! Hopefully your baby girl won't keep you waiting too long :)

    Also, if this has me signed in as "Buddy," I'm not really a dog. My dog just has a blog. He's got that kind of time ;)

    1. Oh I think she's going to be fashionably late. :) I just hope not too late...

  2. Good luck on the final days of the pregnancy! and climbing all those stairs!