Moving Day

Today is the day we said goodbye to our first home. All our belongings were packed into a huge truck. Max was able to sit in the front seat and pull the blow horn. He was a huge fan of the truck, but the loudness of the horn scared the crap out of him.

Max and I left for awhile to go take K her bday gift. Talk about tough goodbye. It's so sad because Max has no idea he won't see K for awhile. He was a grumpy mess who refused to say goodbye. K and her family are some of my favorite people and Leslie has become one of my bffs. Super sad.

By the time we got home most of our stuff was packed. We did a final walk through and all sorts of memories came back. I remembered why we bought this house, our first Christmas, bringing Max home from the hospital, celebrating his first bday, our dance parties to Just Dance 3, laughter that filled our home....a home I will miss.

Now onto a new adventure!

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  1. I'm so sad to see you leave, but I know that it's all for the best. Ian gave me a hug on Friday, and I was pouty! I can't wait to come visit in Seattle. If you need anything from a distance let me know.