Park & Pool Fun

Yesterday we took Max to the park to run wild for awhile and just play.  Poor kid has been so cooped up in the hotel.  He had so much fun.   Fingers crossed, this is the park that is within walking distance to our new home.  It's an awesome park that has trails for walking/running.  I saw a lot of mommies out pushing strollers.  I can already see Ian taking off for a run (He wants to do another half marathon coming up in June) while me and the kiddos take a nice slooowww walk and then go play.  

We're at a hotel that has an indoor pool. Thank goodness, because the last place had a pool and we got Max so excited about swimming.  Then we found out it was an outdoor pool, and it was closed.  Fail.  At first he wasn't too excited about swimming, but after a few seconds he warmed up and had a blast.   

Today was Ian's first day at his new job, so Max and I are hanging out here in the hotel.  I've used the, "If you want to go swimming with Daddy, you need to be a good boy." line a couple times today.  It's working, so I'll use it as many times as I have to. :) 

Happy Monday!

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