One Month

I can't believe our baby girl is one month old!! 

Emma Facts
-She loves eating (well I guess drinking) and would do it all day if I let her.
-Her inner diva comes out when she demands to be fed.
-Tummy time is her least favorite thing to do, but her little neck is crazy strong.
-She's starting to make cute baby noises and waves her arms and kicks her legs like she's trying to go somewhere.
-She is still wearing NB clothes, but I'm putting her in 0-3 month outfits...even though they are too big on her.
-She's also still in NB diapers.
-She continues to be a pooping machine and farts like a grown man.  Ian always tells her that girls don't do that. She just does it louder.
-She's a mama's girl for the moment, because I give her the goods.
-She loves to hear us sing to her, and she thinks we have the best voices in the world.  Her favorite song is You're My Sunshine.
-She falls asleep within 5 minutes when she's in the Ergo. (I've never actually timed, but it's pretty darn quick.)
-She loves baths as long as the water is warm.
-Her sleeping schedule isn't on a schedule yet.  Some nights she wakes up every 2 hours, other nights she blesses me with a solid 4 hours of sleep.
-She doesn't quite like her paci, and she lets it fall out of her mouth on purpose.

We go to her monthly checkup on Tuesday. I'm not looking forward to the shots, and poor Emma has no idea what's going to happen.  Max will be with me, so hopefully he doesn't get traumatized.  Let's hope it's better than what I'm thinking it's going to be like....

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Funny Faces

This little girl makes the cutest faces!  She had me giggling.  I also
realized the other day that not every month has 31 days (I know you're thinking, "You
were a teacher, you should know this." I've had other things on my mind.  Sorry.), so we're
going to have to celebrate her monthly updates on the last day whether it be
the 28th, 30th, or 31st.

This dude enjoyed a purple popsicle and the evidence was all over his
face, arms, shirt, and floor.  He was one sticky mess, but a happy mess. 

I hope you never get tired of my pictures from the lake, because
I never get tired of taking them. 
Seriously the days go by so fast.  One minute we're getting ready, and the next minute Ian's getting home from work.  No, we don't get ready right before he gets home either.  Funny, but no.  We had our first rainstorm the other day.  Talk about rain!  There was also thunder and Max kept arguing with me that it was just a loud plane.  Guess who ended up in our bed that night....those darn loud airplanes. 

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Melt My Heart

Max loves Emma and he tells me, "Emma loves me!"

Little Miss and I were sitting on the patio relaxing, enjoying some
mommy and daughter time. 

Ian spoiled us with Sounders gear, and now Max
always wants to wear his jacket.
Melt my heart.  Seeing her smile is beyond
precious, and puts a smile on my face.
This past weekend was great.  Friday Ian and I stayed up ridiculously late and watched "This is 40".  It had some majorly funny parts, but towards the end it felt like it was the never ending movie, and I just wanted to go to sleep.  Saturday we went for a long walk around the lake.  Have I mentioned how much I love living by the lake?  Then we went to watch the Sounders game at a brewery and met up with Ian's childhood friend from AK and his girlfriend.  Fun times!  We ended the night with a game night with Adam and Lisa.  Girls against boys....you can guess who won.  :)
Yesterday we took Max to see Monsters University.  The cutest movie!  Max loved the snacks and the movie.  Emma slept the whole time (yay!).  It's adorable watching a movie with a theater full of kiddos.  To hear their giggles.  C.U.T.E.  We ended our night with a lovely walk in rain (sprinkle).
I can't say I have a routine yet with both kiddos.  I also can't say that I'll ever go to a store with just me and the kiddos.  Did that and it was a stressful mess.  It really wasn't all that bad, but in the moment it was too much.  I wanted to join Emma with the shrieking cry.  So yeah...only outing I take will include Ian, or we're not going out.  Sorry kids.


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Day One

of being a SAHM of two kiddos, and doing it on my own while Ian is at work.  So far, so good.  Both kiddos napped at the same time, and I should have napped as well, but I watched tv and caught up on some blogs.  Priorities right? 

This morning was also day one of me doing the 30 Day Shred.  Lucky for me I had a workout buddy.  Max worked out next to me the entire time.  Granted he mostly jumped around, but it was super cute, and he had fun.   Emma was a super star and sat quietly in her bouncy chair and fell asleep.   Good news is I survived the first workout.  Bad news is I am majorly out of shape.  Lordy.

Leslie's mom and uber talented and made Emma's name to match her bedding.
I'm in love!!

Tummy time just pisses Emma off.  Baby girl has some major neck muscles and
can hold her head up pretty well.  Wobbly, but well.

Max loves our walks to the lake.  Especially if it ends up with
him playing in the grass with his Daddy.  Makes my heart happy, and
my two year old tired.

My workout buddy.  Jillian would totally yell at
him for not having perfect form, and more resting
time than he should have taken.

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Broken Record

Well...my family has gone back home, and let me just say it's a sad day.  Max keeps asking for uncle  no matter how many times I tell him he went on an airplane to see Grandpa.  He either doesn't want to believe me or just isn't a good listener.  I'm not sure which one it is...

We had so much fun while they were here.  From seeing Snoqualmie Falls, to shopping at Pike's Market Place, to our many walks to the lake, to just having someone here during the day was so nice.  Now it's just me and the kiddos.  Max is a broken record asking the same question about his uncle.  Emma must know they left too, because she's been a hot mess today.  Like mother, like daughter.

Typing this up is just depressing me more.  I'll be back later this week, hopefully in a happier mood. I promise to  overload you with pictures of Max and Emma.

 Max loves going to the lake, and playing soccer with his favorite people.

2 weeks old!! (as of 6/14/13)

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Life Lately

In pictures for your viewing pleasure.

This little girl loves to sleep during the day....

and is wide awake at night ready to party.  If only I
were in the partying mood at that time.

The pink bow on her onesie was beyond adorable.  Seriously,
I was dying when I put her in it.  Dressing a girl is so. much. fun.

We went to Snoqualmie Falls today.  Beautiful.

Max loves his Auntie.

I love my Max.

He loves his little sister, but it looks like he's up to no good.
Emma Facts
-We went to her 7-10 day checkup and she now weighs 7lbs 14oz, and is 21.5in long! 
-She could eat all day if I let her.  (I don't let her.)
-She is a pooping machine. (In case you were wondering.  You know you were.)
-She loves to snuggle and I love snuggling her.
-She always has a camera in her face and she doesn't complain.
-Her cry is loud, and she is quite demanding.  (Already a diva is training.)
-We are sooooo happy to have her here with us, and complete our family.
Max Facts
-The kid loves showering his sister with kisses, and always asks to hold her.  (He no longer says "it".)
-He is obsessed with Where The Wild Things Are, and loves reading the story to me.
-He has taken a love to soccer, but insists that he is still Mike Smith and Shane Doan. (I tell him they play hockey not soccer, but there's no arguing with him.)
-He knows how to get what he wants by saying, "I looooveee youuuuuu." 
Mom Facts
-It's been two weeks tomorrow since Emma came into the world and life is good.
-No baby blues this time around. (I could be jinxing myself though...)
-I'm breastfeeding this go around and it's been great! (Well, once the pain went away. Nursing is no joke.)


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It Was A Friday

Max was born on a Friday, so it only makes sense that our baby girl follows in the steps of her big brother...

I woke up Friday morning at 8:00 to some painful contractions.  They weren't consistent though so I told Ian to go to work and that I'd call him when I thought we should go to the hospital.  They eventually got to be 2-3 minutes apart, and Ian got home and off we went with Max in tow.  Keep in mind that my last appointment I was 1cm dilated.  I was hoping when we got to the hospital I would be at least 4cm, but no more than 6cm because I wanted an epidural.

I'm not one of those girls who wanted to do it natural.  Bring me the epidural so I can enjoy the labor and meet my baby girl.  We get there and they take me back right away.  I was 5-6cm dilated.  WHAT?!  The first thing I asked was, "Will I be able to get an epidural still?!"  My nice nurse lady said YES and I was a happy girl.  Well a happy girl in mother effing pain.   It took forever for the anesthesiologist to come to my room.  When he finally got there I was sooooo happy.  (With Max, I don't remember getting the epidural, because they had given me some meds to take the edge off the pain.  Those meds made me sleepy, so I didn't want that this time around.)  I was nervous about the epidural, but I knew it would take the pain away.  The flippin epidural hurt so bad.  I'm talking like stabby feeling pain going down my spine.  I started crying and panicking.  My nurse lady was awesome and calmed me down.  Once it started working, I felt better.

Then....the wonderful thing known as an epidural wore off.  How the heck did that happen?!  I was begging for them to make the pain stop.  My lovely nurse lady called for a top off,  which gave me hope that it would go away.  That was until she checked me and I was 10cm and ready to push.  Yay, but NOOOOOOO because that meant no top off, which meant mother effing pain that was beyond any pain I had ever felt before.  I just kept saying, "How do women do this natural?" "Please make the pain stop!" and I whispered a few "F" words.  (Oh I forgot to mention that Max was in the room the whole time, but luckily he took a nap and missed all the excitement.  He would have been traumatized for sure!)  So in all the pain my fave Dr. E says she can give me numbing medicine.  Think huge needle going someplace it shouldn't, TWICE.  Umm yeah, O.U.C.H..

Ian was amazing through all this and kept telling me that I could get through it and it was going to be worth it because we were going to meet our baby girl.  Honestly, I didn't think I could do it.  The pain level was a million times worse than any pain I've ever had.  Somehow though I made it through and 9 minutes (yes 9 looonnnngggg painfuuuullll minutes) of pushing our baby girl was here!  We heard that sweet baby first cry and fell in love instantly.  

Emma Lynn
7lbs 10 oz
20 in
5/31/13 at 2:29pm

Max giving Emma her first kiss.

Hey! There's my sister!

Emma and all her hair. 
Seriously this makes my heart want to burst.

I want to hold it. (Max is getting better and saying her or Emma
now, and not just referring to her as "it")
All dressed to go home!!
Emma sporting her "hockey gloves". 
These pictures are from my phone only.  I still have pictures off Ian's phone that I need to get.    There's going to be picture overload going on here...you've been warned. :)

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