Day One

of being a SAHM of two kiddos, and doing it on my own while Ian is at work.  So far, so good.  Both kiddos napped at the same time, and I should have napped as well, but I watched tv and caught up on some blogs.  Priorities right? 

This morning was also day one of me doing the 30 Day Shred.  Lucky for me I had a workout buddy.  Max worked out next to me the entire time.  Granted he mostly jumped around, but it was super cute, and he had fun.   Emma was a super star and sat quietly in her bouncy chair and fell asleep.   Good news is I survived the first workout.  Bad news is I am majorly out of shape.  Lordy.

Leslie's mom and uber talented and made Emma's name to match her bedding.
I'm in love!!

Tummy time just pisses Emma off.  Baby girl has some major neck muscles and
can hold her head up pretty well.  Wobbly, but well.

Max loves our walks to the lake.  Especially if it ends up with
him playing in the grass with his Daddy.  Makes my heart happy, and
my two year old tired.

My workout buddy.  Jillian would totally yell at
him for not having perfect form, and more resting
time than he should have taken.

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