Funny Faces

This little girl makes the cutest faces!  She had me giggling.  I also
realized the other day that not every month has 31 days (I know you're thinking, "You
were a teacher, you should know this." I've had other things on my mind.  Sorry.), so we're
going to have to celebrate her monthly updates on the last day whether it be
the 28th, 30th, or 31st.

This dude enjoyed a purple popsicle and the evidence was all over his
face, arms, shirt, and floor.  He was one sticky mess, but a happy mess. 

I hope you never get tired of my pictures from the lake, because
I never get tired of taking them. 
Seriously the days go by so fast.  One minute we're getting ready, and the next minute Ian's getting home from work.  No, we don't get ready right before he gets home either.  Funny, but no.  We had our first rainstorm the other day.  Talk about rain!  There was also thunder and Max kept arguing with me that it was just a loud plane.  Guess who ended up in our bed that night....those darn loud airplanes. 

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  1. Great photos and I have to agree - time goes by fast!